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    Are Saim Hann comparable to WHFB W.E

    I was wondering if the Saim Hann (who are the closest thing to an Elven Cavalry list) are comparable to the Wood Elf 'Ambusher' list. I'm not asking if they are "fast, hard to attack, shooty, you need to stay away from bad-guys". I'm asking if the same tactics I use to beat the crap out of all comers in WHFB would work for a lower-than-usuallly priced Siam Hann army.
    I was thinking my tactics would be:
    Jetbikes and small viper squad= mobile fire-base
    Jet-bikes and Wild Rider Chief= last-turn assault force

    Would this work?

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    I would say both yes and no. Points wise, the shooting you can get in return is quite poor unles you went vypers instead of jetbikes for your compulsory choice. But the problem is that fantasy is very psycological (where morale plays a big part), in 40k this matter less and it's based more on speed and shooting/ combat power. You can play as you would do a wood elf army but don't expect the results to be as effective. You also have to consider you will get a lot of return fire while in fantasy it's rare that you get more than two regiments of archers/crossbowmen.
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