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    When is enough Tank Hunting Enough?

    So, I was wondering if anyone has a general guideline for how much tank and heavy tank hunting you use in an army to take all comers.

    Basically I'm running a 2000 pt list and I want to see if I can justifiably drop a crisis unit with FBs (in italics below) in favor of a crisis unit with BCs. 3 railguns (2 TL) & 3 FBs & 6 Missile Pods. What do you think? Too much, too little?

    So I have:

    2 Mech FW units in Devilfish
    1 Mech Pathfinder Squad in Devilfish

    1 Crisis team with 3 (PR/MP/MT)
    1 Crisis team with 3 (FB/MP/MT)
    1 Stealth with 6 (BC)

    1 Hammerhead
    2 Broadsides

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    I run a similar list to yours at a similar points cost. My personal preference is to never put BC's on Crisis Suits. Seems like a waste of potential to me. You already have 2 FoF units in there as well as a beefy Stealth unit. If you are worried about punching power but want better volume of pulse fire I would recommend tweaking the list in the following way:

    Drop the RailHead and substitue an IonHead (actually better at killing armor under AV13 due to the increased volume of fire)

    Put the points you will be saving there toward a third B'Side either in a monat config or added to the existing unit. Granted, you will lose some mobility but it will give you an additional twin linked railgun that could still target a second armored unit or make elimination of a single enemy tank nearly certain every turn.

    Get a second unit of Stealth but make each in the 4-5 model range. These guys do a much better job at mass infantry slaughter point for point than a BC equipped Crisis team any day (and they can infiltrate!). Watch opponents rank and file get real uncomfortable with 2 of these units waiting to hop around the board.

    This will necessitate dropping a crisis unit due to your number of Elites, but this could be made up for by adding a retinue to an HQ selection.

    Doing this will require some juggling to get back to 2000 points (might be pretty hard actually), but this type of config would give you more reliable hitting power on the tank end without losing any real number of guns (in fact you will be gaining a couple hits on average from the IonHead). Plus the added Stealth Team will be quite effective at thinning your opponent's ranks.

    Other than that I am right there with you on your list - the MP's are just about the best multi-purpose weapon out there. Give you a great deal of flexibility from handling med-light armor to hardy infantry at a range that can't be beat.

    Hope I could offer up some ideas of use!

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    If you want to switch those FB Crisis to BC crisis, I think you will be fine AA wise. You have 3 Rail Guns and MP's on everything, you should be fine.
    Sig by:Knape, The Celestial, and Marlinspike, thanks guys!

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