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    Tau vs Iron Warriors

    Ugh, how do I win? Its 1500 point game and his list is this pretty much:
    6 oblits
    5 squads of 5 marines with lascannons in each
    10 havocs 4 autocannons w/ tank hunters (My idea, shouldnt have recommended it)
    1 pred all lascannon
    1 pred auto and heavy (Both preds with mutated hull and daemonic posession)
    A tricked out lord
    and something else I am forgetting.

    He shoots the ba-jesus out of me. I already have enough trouble with 3+ armor saves, and now they have an insane ammount of guns.
    I can make pretty much anything with my tau, so please help. The game is tonight at 5. I dont know if this should be under army lists or not. Sorry if it should.

    When all else fails... charge it with a Tyrant.

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    Grab IonHeads, and there should be no problem with their armour. Also, I'm guessing vespids are good for this, but I have never played them. I would say just a squad of 2 broadsides would be good, with the sms, and stabilizers, to move, shoot with those TL-rails at his tanks, then use the SMS on the troops from behind cover.
    I think mobility is your friend, and cover would be nice too. Devilfishes for the troops, using the FoF technique to take out squads of the foot sloggers.
    Its not hopeless, and I expect you to win.
    Sleeping, not dead.
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    8 lascannons, plus that Havoc squad? Hammerheads will be useless. Bring two or three Broadsides with shield generators (NOT stabilizers, lascannons would kill them on a 2+) and give them the job of killing his tanks, especially the non-las one. The only other heavy I would consider are sniper teams. Min/maxed troop choices like that are their ideal targets!

    Bring a squad of 3 Crisis with TL Missile pods, shield generators and team leader with 2 shield drones. Their job will be to flank the enemy. I'm guessing your opponent will be kissing the cover on the board so plasma will not work any better.

    Deepstrike a couple drone squads. Force him to divide and/or move his troops. If necessary, assault the drones into the Havoc squad--with a little luck, they'll tie them up for a turn.

    Lastly, use that extra 6" on your pulse rifles. Markerlights will be handy, if you can fit a couple in.

    Suits, soldiers and drones will win the day. He's built to take out armor so go for numbers.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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