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    Buying more nids, help please

    Hi, payday is around the corner and I want to expand my 1000 pt army.

    This is a two part question: what models would you add and would you reccomend changing the way I equip my units.
    I have played about 10 games with these forces and lost all but two games, with two draws.
    One was against a drop pod SM army and the other was a troop heavy Space Wolves army. I consider the draws to be wins for me, mainly becauses of the sour looks my opponent had on turn 6... ha ha!

    Also, most of these players didn't want too much terrain, (why do Space Marine players feel the need to have a 24" open spot in the center of the table ?) I feel that 4-5 pieces of terrain gives me a BIG disadvantge.
    They are usually a bit of sore winners, I guess they didn't have fun staying in their deployment zone and shooting. I don't pout when they kill my HT and or my 'fex on turn 2 and they still have a land raider that is now unstopable... ok done ranting.

    My opponents take lots of tanks (leman russ and land raiders) and LOTs of lascannons ( 4-6) so my fex and HT get shot down quickly. Heavy bolters are also standard for most players.
    I tend to favor a 50/50 split between close combat and shooting.

    Here is what I have so far:
    1 Hive Tyrant with VC and TL Devourers
    I Carnifex with Tl Devourers and BS
    3 Warriors with 2 sets of ST
    1 Broodlord
    22 Genestealers
    24 Gaunts with flesh borers
    16 Hormagaunts
    3 Ripper swarm bases
    2 of each spore mines (but I don't play these)

    I was thinking of buying 2 Tyrant Guard, 1 Ravener and 2 Zoanthropes, but at GW prices I could almost buy another Battleforce at my local store. My local store is bad about special orders, I ordered a Broodlord and it took almost 3 months to get there, not worth the 10% savings ! But I am open to any suggestions to make my army larger.

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    Personally I think your army could do with some more speed, therefor raveners will be a good vet if you equip them with ST/RC, a zoanthrope will also be a good choice especially if you face a lot of 3+ save armies, they can also provide extar synapse cover.
    Other than that more gaunts, the bigger the battle te more you can take advantage of the huge amount of models nids can put on the boards

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    Not much cover gives them a BIG advantage. Having those 4-5 pieces of terrain makes it fair.

    Against marines, I wouldn't use hormagaunts. You'd have to upgrade them to 144 points for 12 to have them stand half a chance.

    Now, IF you get another battleforce, this is what I recommend--Pop the barbed strangler off your current carni, give them TL devs, and you have yourself (along with ES) the much feared 113 point devilfex with eight strength six twinlinked living ammo elite carnifex.

    Now, with that barbed strangler, give it to your new carnifex as well as a venomcannon, ES, EC, and so on. You have yourself there a walking tank hunter, can insta-kill quite a bit, etc.

    I'd convert the hormagaunts you'd get in the battleforce to gargoyles. Clip the spinefist, glue it to the back of the hormies, give them fleshborers, and voila.

    Termagaunts (fleshborers) are many, many times more effective than spinegaunts. However, spinegaunts are usually much better against toughness three opponenets like Tau or IG, sorta SoB as well.

    Your warriors need a little tweaking. Warriors usually come in three varieties--CC, mixed, or super shooty. Your current warriors, two sets of scything talons, isn't really a good setting against marines. Give them each one set of rending claws and they'll become infinitely more useful. CC warriors with EC, leaping, AG-I (Very important versus marines as you'll go first), AG-WS, and so on will run you about 120 points which is the same size as a min. brood of genestealers with EC.

    Now, if you get the new battleforce, I recommend shooty warriors. In my area, my mixed units (which are shooty units but with rending claws) do very, very well. However, against marines, I can see supershooty units as very good. Super shooty warriors are ones armed with twin-linked weapons, like strength six twinlinked deathspitters or strength four twinlinked devourer shots. I think the devs would suit you best as the way to beat marines is to make them take so many saves that they fail some by sheer law of averages, or don't let them take saves at all.

    Now, if you don't get the battleforce, one to two tyrant guard is a good investment, but one ravener is not. Raveners are frightfully inneffective by themselves. If you get any, get three and field each as a seperate fast attack choice. Keep them together and watch as SMs use whole squads to kill a single two wound model, mwahahahaha.

    However, the best thing for you to buy would be those two zoanthropes. They are SM killers. AP3 blasts that'll wound SMs on three and won't allow their MEQ saves, oh yeah. They can also kill vehicles rather easily as they can penetrate, and their concentrated warp blast can easily kill off terminators. However, take at least two as they're fairly bad shots.

    So, my recommendation is to get the battleforce with the above mentioned fiddling and get one tyrant guard and two zoanthropes.

    PS-Try not to let their gloating get to you. You are new after all, and tyranids only get better with points. Keep in mind that they'll be spending all those extra points on new toys like vehicles (which have a tendency to die easier than MCs) while you'll have MANY nasties waiting for them. Also, against Space Wolves, field genestealers, and watch the look on their faces as their so-called combat experts get torn to pieces. Also, venom cannons can score penetrating on drop pods. And, of course, SM players tend to be spoiled. Remember this one person saying how bad his space marines were in combat. Yeah, four in every stat is REALLY bad in hand to hand, wish my hormagaunts had that. Just try not to smack them when they complain about their "crappy" 3+ armor save.

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    Actually Atma raveners can be usefull if you only have one but you need to use them with hormagaunts. The hormagaunts add in numbers while the ravener can add in killing blows. The only problem is if your oppenent figures out how dangerous they can be say good bye to them as they will get shot and more then likely die.

    Now zoans are great fire magnets just got to be careful about lascannon shots or plasma. Still depends on how lucky you are with 6+ inv. Which for some strange reason is usually one of my better armor saves.... well enough ranting back to what you should buy. You could also buy more genestealers as they are fairly nice against SM.
    Is it me or does any other necron player get annoyed when they see people saying "Necrons eat souls". How is that even possible as souls are part of the warp and necrons want nothing to do with it? Eh probaly me just me being picky.

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