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Thread: tau confusion

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    tau confusion

    i have just started a tau army having recently moved over from WHFB. i cant find my copy of the rulebook anywhere and i have a couple of issues to resolve and was hoping someone could help.

    1. what is the maximum distance a crisis battlesuit can move. i know they can move 6" fire and then move another 6" but what if i dont fire. can i move the full 12" and then make a charge in the assualt phase???

    2. DRONES. shield drones. i have read other posts but they go too complex for me considering i have literally just bought the codex. so here goes... my commander has two shield drones. can i elect them to take hits instead of my commander acting like extra wounds? and what happens in close combat? could they still be elected to take hits and act like extra wounds?

    like i say. they are questions that probably have very obvious answers but i have literally only just started 40k after a 7 year break from it and have become overwhelmed with confusion.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wecome to the Tau section and LO.

    As you have noticed, tau battlesuites (not XV88 - Brodside) are equipped with Jetpacks. This is a more mobile version of the normal Jumppack. Instead of using speed like normal Jumppacks do, they use quick moves alowing them to jump out and fire at opponents from well protected places and then jump back before the opponents can return fire.

    You gain a +6" movement from when being equipped Jumppack.

    The Jetpack dont enhance you normal movement in the movementface but allow you to make you Assaullt-move of 6" in any direction, you don't gain any "extra" movement but may make this move, moving away from your opponent or in to cover etc. A special move only allowed to Jetpack equipped units.

    A normal troop whould have to charge the opponent fired at, or remain stationary. Rapidfire or heavyweapons also have special rules when concerning Close Combat. (read: assaulting - W40K Rule Book for more details).

    Tau battlesuits have a special rule stated in their codex concerning Rapid-fireing weapons.

    Shield drones protect their leader as normal troops when taking saves. You are the one choosing who to take the saves. (read: taking casualties - W40K Rule Book)

    Though I'm not sure right now (been a while since I played), but I'm not sure you gain the save from the drones when in closecombat, but again... since you are the one taking saves I guess you can divide the saves as you choose following the rules stated in the rulebook.
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