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    Hello all. I am putting together my DE army. My first is Tau and I am still active with them. I want something else that is fun and different.

    I have questions about outfitting characters with wargear, ie. sybarite, incubus master, and specifically the wyche succubus. I have many questions so will make a list and will try to keep it short for now.

    1. Is the blaster a single handed weapon?
    2. Can a character use a blaster and a power weapon?
    3. Can a character use a power weapon and an agonizer together? or is the Agonizer really two weaponss?
    4. Are the incubi master and wyche succubus really necessary? If so, then what atre some of the wargear options if any?
    5. Is the tormenter helm and hell mask a good combo? For characters in general?

    I am mostly stuck on the wyche succubus due to wyches in general having special weapons, but the general question about character wargear remains, including the status of the agonizer and the blaster. Oh, and the power weapon. having a bit of trouble with the combinations. Any help would be approciated, and where it is documented. I have the codex and the three page upgrade, including CA2003.


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    1. This doesn't matter at all, because characters can't have blasters - they're not in the armoury.

    2. No - see above.

    3. You can, but it's pointless to do this. The agonizer is generally superior to a power weapon, the power weapon would be reduced to a mere additional close combat weapon, but that's something you can get way cheaper (splinter pistol).

    4. You don't have to use them, but at least wych succubi are good choices. Incubi masters aren't. They can be equipped with stuff from the armoury as usual.

    5. For independent characters, hell masks are always a good choice. For normal characters this depends on the assault rules, with the new assault rules hell masks are almost useless for normal chars.

    T-helms do the same as splinter pistols (not cumulative&#33, you should use t-helms if you can't use splinter pistols for whatever reason (both hands used for punisher, or for weapon+bike).


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