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Thread: Would it work?

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    Would it work?

    Is it feasable to have a half shooty half assaulty (ok, more than half assaulty...) ork army?

    I have sofar; 16 slugga boyz (w/2 burnas and a rokkit launcha), 16 shoota boyz (w/3 big shootas), a looted basalisk, a warboss, a killa kan.

    I plan to have a Deathskull lootas themed army, with lots of converstions (you should see my basilisk:shifty: ), and IMO i think lootas wouldn't be as 'klose kombat' as other klans.

    What do you think, would it work?

    P.S. (all my special weapons were converted and i'm going to get another burna for my sluggas and give my rokkit to my future tank bustas)


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    It might work, or it might not, pretty much like anything orky. It partially depends on your enemy, and you strategy. I'm more prone to going for a footsloggin close-combat mangling list, but I do also have some backup fre support (mostly in the form of a Russ). I think it would be managable, and I've heard of some rather succesful deathskull lists. And the best part, if you use Flash gitz with more dakka, theire weapons become assault 2, so they can move around with the boyz while laying down the fire.

    I also suggest 2 more kans, as 3 of them can be just plain dangerous.
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