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Thread: Night Spinners

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    Night Spinners

    I am building a Falcon and have seen the Night Spinner conversion kit from Forge World. I think it looks fantastic, but what does it play like?

    I know that it isn't in the Codex, so I assume that using it would need the agreement of the opponent. Also I don't have a points cost or stat line - is it in an imperial armour update?

    Aside from that, any comments people have about using Night Spinners would be appreciated.


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    I'll have to dig it out but I believe it was imperial armor II. I remeber being unimpressed with it. The primary problem, especially with the current 4th ed rules, is that the shadow weaver is an all around bad weapon. It doesn't matter that on the vehicle it's range in increased so that you can pretty much hit anywhere on the board. Most of the time (66%) you'll scatter and even if you do manage to hit something results are unimpressive. It used to be that you could at least use it on vehicles by guessing into their back armor, but that doesn't even work now. Also the thing hits a vehicle exactly as hard as a lasgun if you don't keep it under the hole.

    In short it can't carry troops like a falcon, and is also outgunned by the falcon. The only use I can see for it would be taking out things like bassies on the first turn but with ap - weapons only getting glancing hits and the general unreliability of scatter you'd probably do better rushing the falcon in anyway. Wait, never mind, the front armor on a bassie is 12, it isn't effective at all at taking those out,

    Pity really. It was a real downer reading that book as the other offerings for eldar in regular games, the flyers, are pretty bad too. Why even bother making something if nobody is going to use it? Maybe they figure it's for people who want to be unique and are willing to take a tactical disadvantage to get that "what the heck is that!" reaction from their opponents.

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