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    De + Chaos vs Nids

    Basically I am teaching the missus and 2 buddies of mine how to play 40k. I'm trying to figure out some fair scenarios. The problem lies in the fact that I want to keep them interested and getting obliterated would not do that. The missus wants 2v2 and so do they...Sooooo

    De Army
    -Usual drachon (S.feild, agonizer, cdrugs)
    -3xsniper squads
    -Assault warrior squad with Syb and agonizer

    Iw army
    -Cheapo lord
    -5xMar (Hb)
    -5xMar (hb)
    -5xmar (2xplas)
    -5xmar (asp, pfist, cc config)

    The problem lies in how well rounded the list ends up vs a pure Nid force. The Hb's make short work of the gaunts (obvious) while the lord and p.fisted squad are speedbumps, the plas bats clean up on what ever large bugs make it close enough. The Darklances rip Ht's apart pretty nicely..6 shots a turn could put dents in them pretty quickly, as well as the agonizers/meatsheild.

    The nids lists are pretty close to the same, give or take a Zoan.

    Ht - Standard walking VC tyrant
    3xwarriors (Vc/devourers, shooty)
    10xspine gaunts
    Fex - CC variant (Which is even worse considering the situation)

    Basically it will get them squished. They're using some spare models I have about/proxy but by and large they seem to lack the versitility to deal.

    I know how to handi-cap myself and my IW, but I just wanted to know what you guys think would be a good handicap to put on/special rules/etc. I was thinking having the board be fairly short or simply having all the Nid units have "without number" and attack until we are wiped out...something of that nature.

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    easiest way to teach is by example

    bring a force with about 80% the points of theirs and show them the ins and outs

    when i teach ppl if they have large armies

    i bring out my dark eldar force and pwn the, while showing them the quirks along the way
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    IMHO the nids are totally hosed with those army lists. Dark Lances absolutely rape MC's and I imagine plasma does just about as well. I've only played nids 3 times and was horrified to hear about the Fex with S10 and 10 attacks with a ? save, etc etc but I just proceeded to shoot the bejeebus out of the MC's with Dark Lances (or LasCannon) and won fairly easily.

    That being said, don't worry too much about having a match where all 4 players are ground down to thier last 3 models in the uber-fair fight of the century. You have a good grasp of game balance so just ball park it. There does have to be a winner after all.

    If you find that one side gets a lucky massacre and you feel a mutiny coming on just have everyone 'move one army to the left', so to speak. That changes the team partners and leaves one person on each team who knows a little about how thier team's armies performed.

    Alot of it depends on your friends. I have a buddy that only tries harder if he loses his first game (of anything) but if he doesn't start winning within a few games he gives up. Other friends bow out if a game gets too complex too quickly and they have to be lead to it in stages.

    Good luck! I wish I could get my wife to even come out and meet the fellas at the club.
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