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    Dark Eldar Colour Scheme

    Can anybody sugesst me a colour scheme for DArk Eldar(warriors i'm painting ) I wan't it to look as evil as possible without it being too complicated.Any help wwill be extremely appreciated!

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    Well, the traditional DE colours are generally:

    Black And;

    Dark Green, or Dark Red.

    So, for evil, black seems to be the common theme, and it's easier to paint with a black basecoat, as well...

    I personally have a Black and Dark Angels Green army, with Goblin green trim, and Scorpion green highlights, with my flesh painted with a dwarf flesh basecoat, followed by an elven flesh highlight.

    I have golden trim on the more important characters, and red trim on my Sybarites and succubi.

    Any warrior hair is done in kommando khaki, and I use brown ink on most of my models to fill in gaps, and create shading.

    Of course, your colour scheme is a complete concern of yourself, as you'll be the one to put your army on the table, under an apprasing opponents eye.

    A well painted force doesn't nessecarily perform better, but it gives you a sense of pride in you units, even as they get flamed to death, and you tend to fight 'till the death more often.

    I'm much more congenial to people with nicer painted armies, as it gives a good conversation point, and I can respect their skill.

    So, I suggest that you paint one or two of your warriors in the colour schemes you're tossing up between, and post some pics up here (A pic is worth a thousand words) and we can help you decide.
    Chances are though, that you'll be able to decide, just by feeling out how easy different schemes are to paint, and how the end result looks.
    minimalism is the key.

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    Most of my army ( all the warriors and everything with a 5+ save, has a black under coat with a regal blue wash over that as a starting point, then Liche purple shoulders, boltgun metal spikes and blades, scab red eyes and the helmet colour varies to denote different squads. The wyches and warpbeasts theme is red armour, gold trim with a bright flesh colour on faces, arms and legs. Mandrakes are basically black and white with shades of grey for detail ( being shadow skinned and all). Raiders and Ravagers black overall regal blue wash highlights on detail and boltgun silver on mechanical parts, same for the Talos. Reavers again the black, blue , silver scheme and Incubi are as per the Codex - black and white. HQ is a cross between the wyches and warriors, combining all the other colours of the army.
    Basically its dark blue, black and silver or dark red, gold and black.

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    I don't want to turn this into a 'post your colour scheme thread' but I think its good to get as many ideas out there as possible.

    Black is a good start, the any combination of dark blue, dark green, dark red or dark purple on certain parts of the model really bring it out.

    My colour scheme is predominantly purple, they have black undersuits with purple armour (I distinquish what is and what isn't armour differently to others), spikes are gold, red eyes, silver helmet apart from any gold spikes on it, the gun is black with drybrushed boltgun on it, the power cell thingo is red and the blades on the gun are silver.

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