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    Tips againts black templar

    I am pretty new have only been playing about 2 1/2 months. I dont have a monolith or flayed ones or wraiths. Can someone give me some good tactics agains the black templar.

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    Okay, since you have no monolith its going to be hard giving the BT the run around.

    Firstly, no blanket fire, aim to kill a unit outright (so pummel it until it cracks) otherwise it will just get closer (which will result in CC pain).

    Destroyers wil lbe your best friend, they can out range the res of your army, useful for pummelling small squads.

    Scarabs will be awesome, make sure they are the closest target for your enemy, so if you fail to destroy a unit chances are they will run after the scarabs (who can neatly run around said unit and keep those BT away from your lines).

    If the BT players has the ever so nasty LRC with assault terminators in it their 2+ saves are going to cause pain, so some heavy destryers may not be a bad idea.

    Keeping your units out of CC and rapid firing will be the way to win.

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    As I mentioned in a previous list-commentary, the Troops-heavy nature would make the Black Templars both easier and more difficult to play against.

    More Marines means more 3+ saves, something the Necrons have a harder time with, but Black Templars also tend to be very predictable in their play-style.

    While the Monolith is great, you don't have one. Don't worry, it's not the end of the world. Flayed Ones are more or less no good against Templars, and Wraiths aren't really geared towards playing the Templar either.

    Outsider's tactic of concentrated fire is very effective. The Templars' high Leadership and the fact that even a small number of them can cause damage means a unit should be obliterated.

    I like to take a healthy number of Destroyers along with the Flying Circus. Their speed can cause wavering in the Templars' lines. (When they are unable to decide whether or not to continue to charge, or to retaliate against the Immortals/Destroyers.)
    A few Heavy Destroyers are useful for popping the heaviest armor and taking down tough-nut characters.
    Scarab Swarms are great as well. Their anti-armor role is moot against the Templars, because Templar vehicles are always on the move, but the Scarabs make a great tie-up/outnumbering unit. If you take them, take them in large numbers.

    Beyond that, the most important thing is "Warriors, Warriors, Warriors". Your opponent will have a lot of Marines and you need to be prepared with lots of Necron Warriors.

    To summarize: pop the armor early, make them walk; disrupt the enemy's flow; tie up the really destructive units; pour on overwhelming, concentrated fire.

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    This is a variation of my tactic for Dark Eldar Scourges against black templars but, deepstrike a lord behind the enemy with the Veil, with a squad of immortals, (but make sure your at the very least 12 inches away) and kill at least one, that means there is a very good chance of him having to make a compulsary move towards that squad, away from your battle lines so he is either moving at 6-d6 towards your lines or 6+d6 away fromt them, with the mobility of the flying circus it should be able to stay out of combat, picking on the unit that you really need furthest away from you and giving you more time to shoot them down before they get to you. The monolith will be a good bet too as you can teleport your necrons out of combat while dropping an ap3 pie plate on top of his squads or vehicles.

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