This was a 400 point combat patrol

burst transmission----The Betrayer of Hope-----order distration....launch several patrol/raids to the southern Hydra sector.
4 destroyers in 2 units 1 unit 10 warriors w/diruption feilds

.... primitive mechanicals and organics detected....vostroyans with chimera and 3 sentinals....engaged

destroyers- move up and attach the chimera several frontal hits no damage
warriors- move up for better position
Sentinals move up and fire at warriors 1 goes down
chimera fires on the destroyers no damage
the men set up heavy bolter team and prepare to return fire

....reset target priorities....elimate primitive threat....

turn 2
wbb-warrior sand back up unit moves up to attach 2 of the sentinals the the green glow clears 1 sentinal stunned
2 destroyers switch target to the men 5 men gone
other 2 target chimera 1 glancing-weapon destroyed 2 penitrating destroying chimera.
FOR THE EMPEROR (morale check pass)
sentinals fire no hits
the gaurdsmen fire on the destroyers no damage
1 sentinal charges the warriors after the sparks clear no damage for either side.

....primitive pose no threat.... eliminate....

turn 3
2 destroyers fire on the gaurd only 1 goes down
2 destroyers immoblize 3rd sentinal
warriors take no damage from the assault and destroythe auto-cannon.
gaurdsmen fire in the destroyes plasma rifle hits a detroyer
stunned sentinal recovers and with the 3rd sentinal shoots the destroyers no damage
assault sentinal crushes 2 warriors 8 remainig warriors immoblize the sentinal

....continue elimination of primitives...

turn 4
wbb-destroyer gets up with 1 of the warriors
2 destroyes fire in the gaued gunning down 3 men leaving the seargent alone
2 destoyers eliminate the 3rd sentinal
warriors and sentinal are unable the damage each other
The seargent, overcome by the loss of all his mean, isanely charges the destroyers dropping 1 with his pistol!!!!!!!!
assault does nothing both sides

.... finish primitives.... phase to Null-Sheild.....

turn 5

all three destroyers gun down the seargent
the warriors bring down the sentinal


remaining pools of blood slowly spread across the waste

.... phase to null-sheild.....


ncrons elimitate entire vostroyan patrol losing 1 warrior and 1 destroyer.

highlite- the lone seargent taking out a destroyer with a bolt pistol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(