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    Re-activating the hive

    i am planning on re-hashing my army. better color scheme. new units. and most important a better under standing of the army.

    So i was thinking about have a CC army and i need to know how to affectivly use them. I'm planinng on getting Fex, with lobter claws and talyons, regernate, armor.
    More genestealer, and broodlord. more hormaguants.
    and the few shooty units will be guants that will act as a meat shield for hormies and stealers.

    also is it a good idea to pimp out Raveners and Warroirs for CC?

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    I think if you want to re-do your swarm there are several things to consider.

    First is it's look, theme and or fluff. There are many different ways to have your swarm look this depends greatly on it's colour sheme and how it is modelled. If you're starting again don't just do the same thing again. I am doing many of my Tyranids these days with a scorpion look. This helps to give my swarm a certain feel and makes it more original. Using a particular kind of creature or making your Tyranids look a certain way gives your swarm personality. This will mean win or lose anyone who plays against you will remember you.

    There are many ideas you can try. You could try " The Swarm from the Swamp ". What I mean is putting some kind of thick adhesive glue on parts of your models to make them look slimy. Other ideas could be an oceanic swarm, spiders, snakes or whatever else you can come up with.

    Colour scheme is also important. Natural colours are good at making them look animalistic. More alien colours can be used for less of an animal but bio-engineered killing machine look. I would also sugget some fluff. Even only a little will greatly enhance your enjoyment of them because you will know where they come from and they will have a place in the 40k universe.

    You say you want to destroy your foes in close combat. The Broodlord and Genestealers are a good idea. I would also suggest a winged Hive tyrant with two pairs of scything talons and any other biomorphs you like. Infact in biomorphing it, it's good to give it alot of biomorphs. It's speed will be essential so it can use it's synapse ability to control the Hormagaunts. If your're using Gaunts as meat shieds go for the cheapest possible. Spinegaunts are ideal equiped only with spinefists they are very cheap.

    If your Carnifex is going to do lots of assaulting the best two biomorphs to protect it are bonded exoskeleton and extended carapace. These two make it very hard for infantry to hurt and they will be rapid-firing all over it which will take of it's wounds quickly through the huge number of hits they will get on the Carnifex. Basically death by a thousand cuts. Bonded exoskeleton and extended carapace make it hard for the enemy infantry to do this. Of course take reinforced chitin and regenerate if you want them they will certainly be helpful. But if you only have limited points to spend take the improved toughness and armour save first.

    You ask of Raveners and Tyranid warriors being used in close combat. Both of these broods can be exceptional in an assault. I suggest rending claws and scything talons on both of them. Genestealers are a good source for spare rending claws if you first give the Genestealers scything talons. I wouldn't bother with a ranged weapon for the Raveners to keep them cheap. Leaping or winged is essential for the Warriors. Extended carapace can't be given to the winged ones but it's very good on the leaping ones. Improve thier initiative before you decide if you will also improve thier WS. Flesh hooks and especially toxin sacs are very useful biomorphs also.

    In addition you will need Tyranid warriors to control your swarm. Ripper swarms will also make cheap and expendable backup.

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