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    Just started Tyranids,need some help!

    OK,I've decided after having a 1k Dark Eldar force to have a complete change and start Tyranids.I've just bought the Battleforce and i'm looking to build 1.5k or maybe 2k points army.

    I don't have the Codex yet,i'm going to get it on Saturday(12th August) I'm wondering what upgrades/guns i should give my Battleforce models.

    I'm looking to play my 2 mates,who have currently just bought the Necron and Tau Battleforces.

    Here are my questions:

    1)What upgrades should I give my models? I think since i'm going to have a CC Hive Tyrant,I should have a shooty Carnifex with 2 Venom Cannons? What do you think?

    2)Also what weapons should I give to my Warriors?

    3)I think I may have a colour scheme,Purple skin and Blue Carapace..But since i'm undercoating black,should i go for a light purple,light blue constrast?If so what colours should I pick?

    Bear in mind when answering my army is going to be 1.5k to a 2k point army.

    Thanks to everybody in advance!

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    It's not a good idea to ask for general help like this - the simple reason being that absolutely everybody does this and the forum ends up with a lot of rubbish. Just a headsup

    However, as you can type in sentences, spell and actually say 'thanks' i'll give you a hand.

    This is not a cop out in anyway whatsoever, but, your best bet is to get a codex, read it several (hundred) times and decide for yourself which weapons you like and want to use.

    Then you should write an army list, and post it in the army list section.

    That way, we'll be able to give you more concrete help AND the list will be your own.
    It'll require some patience, but wait until then to build your bits and bobs.
    If you're getting really desperate, then you can at least build your hormagaunts, seeing as they always have scything claws anyway and anything else you can stick on later.

    I know how you feel, i have 2 battle forces and some raveners, but i refuse to touch them until i've completed my chaos army ^__^;;

    As for your colours, i reckon you should google some nature images, some beetles, sea creatures. Come out with a combo that YOU like. If you like it, everyone else can go stuff themselves.
    Good luck.
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