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    Starting a new army list, need help!!

    hi everyone, this is my second post on this site, and i need help with some new units i got for 30$ online, all parts included.

    Here they are

    7 swooping hawks
    13 dark reapers
    11 striking scorps.
    5 fire dragons
    7 wraithgaurd
    3 wraithlord

    i need help on where i should go from here, a.k.a. wat new units i should buy, and wat is a good craft world to go on from here, please all helpfull comments are needed, and please nothing like "go home" or "you suck" thanx

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    you need a Farseer and some guardians (in that order). You can play Beil-tan Combat Patrol now, and you can play 'real' aka. bigger games, once you get the Farseer. After that I am blank...
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    As Kaleo101 says, you want a Farseer to complete the force for a Beil Tann list. For 1000pts you have a very nice force ready. I've noticed that Beil Tann armies of this size does not need the support of tanks, a nice mix of aspects warriors to prepare you for all kinds of situations and have them function relatively close to each other during game play and you're fine

    If you want to advance a little more on the the force afterwards I suggest getting some tanks to add a bit more long range support or some Gaurdians to add a bit of bulk and again fire support (Though Dire Avengers make excellent front line basic troopers).

    If I had to comment on your army I would say keep the Swooping Hawks (Exarch with sustainted assault and power weapon), Fire Dragons (Exarch with Fire Pike), use a squad of ten Scorpians (Exarch with Infiltrate and Scorpions Claw) and a squad of three Dark Reapers (Exarch with Fast Shot and Missle Launcher). I would then advance to using two of the Wraithlords (both with Bright Lances if possible) and add when you have the cash; Five Warp Spiders (an Exarch with withdraw) and a squad of Dire Avengers.

    You will find it very helpful for you Farseer to have the Guide and Fortune psychic powers since they add an incredible buff to your own units. In order to use both you'll need a spirit stone (use Runes of Witness to pretty much garentee passes all the time). Note you don't need the farseer to hit hard at all so giving him weapons isn't too important, but if yu have points spare you might as well.

    With this you should have a very functional 1000 - 1500pts list. Because the army isn't particularly speedy with lots of 12" movement you will find they function well if relatively close to each other (bar the Dark Reapers since you don't really wan them to advance).
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