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    WWW.OZGW non pdf FAQ

    How "official" are these??

    http://oz.games-workshop.com/games/4.../QnA-eldar.htm ??

    A lot of the answers given just dont quite seem right. Like this one

    Quote Originally Posted by Gav thorpe

    Q. Can a Space Marine Psychic Hood work against Warlock powers? And if so, how? When do you get a chance to nullify the Warlock power?

    A. Against Enhance, Embolden and Conceal, the Librarian can use his Psychic Hood at the start of a Space Marine turn against one Warlock. If he successfully nullifies the power then it has no effect for the rest of the Space Marine turn. Against Destructor it works as normal, except of course that there is no need for the Warlock to pass a Psychic test first Ã? simply announce you are using the Psychic Hood when the Eldar player declares he is using Destructor.
    I was always under the impression that Warlock powers were un-affected by the Hood . . . have i been wrong all this time ?

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    I KNEW I had seen that somewhere. I brought that up in a discussion about Tyranid psychic powers and no-one believed me. When I tried to find it, I couldn't. It is offical, just very old if I remember rightly. Nobody seems to use it or know about it. And no-one seems to be calling out for it. Bury it. Its not needed of wanted. Gav Thorpe upset enough people writting the last codex. Limit the damage he can do to the next one. Leave it for the new guy to sort out. Like the Necronomicon from Cthulhu stories, this should be buried. Just edit the post and save everyones sanity.

    The answer is gibberish, for example he specifically picks out Destructor as not needing a pyschic test. Err, Gav you wrote the rule saying all 4 Warlock powers need no test...

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    That FAQ is out of date. Not only was it superceded by a later FAQ, but by the updated rules for the psychic hood, too.

    The psychic hood specifies it only works against powers that make a successful psychic test - since warlock powers don't take a test, the hood can't affect them.

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