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    Special characters

    I've been lurking around for a while and have decided to start a thread nad its about the tyranid (duh) special characters (breeds)

    Death Leaper (Suprise!!!)

    IMO this fella rocks a -1 save for +1 attack for only ten points is ace, i say this because any lictor doesnt use its save as its used as a hit and run unit
    HOWEVER DL cant be used as a tie up unit for raveners and other deepstriking beasties.

    The Red Terror (Yum Yum...)

    This guy can dish it out and at speed six attacks on the charge...sweet
    But at I3, hmmm good but not good enough to be honest
    but swallow whole is quite frankly ace and at 104 points he is a bargain

    Last but not least:
    Old One Eye (Another brilliant tyranid innuendo)

    I dont know about this one as he only regenerates one wound a turn and thats good, but he can be polished off easily with not much shooty death, however when you do tell your opponent what OOE can do he just hits the top of their priority list especially in objective holding games.

    I'd like to hear other players opinions on these gruesome fellas.....

    I really can't think of anything witty to say.

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    ye i reckon deathleaper model is cool and rules are ok, but not too good for a special character, lictors are cool but he nearly the same

    red terror is not bad, (does he give armour saves?), i'd consider taking him but ye your right about the I, i mean he's supose to be bases on revener (from his look and story etc) and thier supper fast etc

    old one eye is great!!! carnisuars are always the focus of shooting in my experience and he combats this very nicely, though his rules need up grading (now that ordinary carnifexes can get crushing claws)

    overall i was disapointed about tyranids special charaters, when i read thier rules, but the theme is still cool (savage giant monsters, hahaha)

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