[1000] Harlequins - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    830 (x8)

    [1000] Harlequins


    [1] Shadowseer
    +Harlequin's Kiss
    +Shuriken Pistol
    +Plasma Grenades
    =83 points


    [1] Solitaire
    +Harlequin's Kiss
    +Shuriken Pistol
    +Plasma Grenades
    +Phase Field
    =158 points

    [2] Death Jesters
    +Brightlance x2
    +Phase Field x2
    =144 points


    [7] Mimes
    +Power Weapon x2
    [1] Mimic
    +Harlequin's Kiss
    +Plasma Grenades
    =236 points

    [7] Troupers
    +Power Weapon x2
    [1] Troupe Leader
    +Harlequin's Kiss
    +Plasma Grenades
    =236 points

    Heavy Support

    [1] Harlequin Wraithlord
    =140 points

    Total Points: 997
    Total Models: 21


    Opinions? Suggestions? Obviously, I'm using Citadel Journal #44 alongside the standard GW pdf.

    Basically, I'm going to throw the Shadow Seer in with the Trouper squad and have them sprint up the field to get into close combat, trying to hide behind his Veil of Tears and their cover saves, hugging cover, etc. The Solitaire is going to go tear somebody up, and will try to cover himself from shooting by using the infiltrated Mimes, who are also trying to get into CC, of course.

    The Wraithlord will concentrate on spraying some infantry with his Starcannon, and may end up getting into CC if he's needed, while the Death Jesters do what they're best at - blowing holes in tanks.

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    198 (x7)

    I'd definately put a D cannon on the spiritwalker, its 20 points cheaper and in my opinion much more effective, it packs about the same anti meq power (with decreased range) but it can smash tanks which is something that currently the harlequins lack (just wait till they're all rending though). Also, from my experience, you'll need more troups than that, consider dropping the solitare to make room for some of them, mimes are great, perfect. Oh, and all your troup leaders should have powerblades instead of powerweapons becaus you'll get +1 attack (2 ccw's + blades). If you've got the points, give your mimes the full ammount of neuro disrupters possible, I can't tell you how great they are. I've heard many opinions that troupe leaders aren't worth it but I reckon they are, they give the squad so much more punch, with up to 5 power weapon attacks in additiont to the rest of the squad, they could actually take down full tactical squads without getting smashed, but even then, its too risky since you don't get a save in CC.

    Enjoy the current harlequins while you can.

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