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    Best weapon fits for vehicles etc.?


    The Eldar Army I'm currently building has:

    1 x Falcon

    1 x War Walker

    2 x Vypers

    2 x Weapon Platforms with Guardian squads

    With the nex Codex what are the best - in general terms - fitments?

    I'm thinking Starcannon & Shuriken Cannon upgrade on the Falcon

    Twin Bright Lances on the Walker

    Starcannons on the Vypers

    Scatter Lasers with the Guradian squads

    Does that sound reasonable - or would I be better giving each Guardian squad a BL starcannons on the Walker and SL on the Vypers??

    Any thoughts?

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    I think:

    Scatter Lasers on the War Walker.

    Starcannon on the Falcon.

    Bright Lances on the Vypers (maybe 1 lance, 1 starcannon).

    Scatter lasers on the Guardians.
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    Since bright lances are so expensive now you have got to use them spareingly, do not put them on BS 3 things unless they are twinlinked. put them on waveserpents and maybe wraithlords. put eveerything else, which will be starcannons and scatter lasers on the rest. scatter lasers on the falcons and guardians, mayyyybe starcannons on the warwalkers.

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    I'm still indecisive about the best uses of the main weapons.

    However I'd strongly advise you to take advantage of the cheaper shuri cannon upgrade on waveserpents and falcons. In the new dex both will find themselves getting right up to the enemy and able to use those often. And on the serpent it's nice to have a weapon with a little punch if your main weapon gets destroyed.

    Also with the fall of the nifty starcannon vyper I'm getting more tempted to try dual shuri cannon vypers as fairly cheap but effective rear armor/light vehicle attackers. I've also been tempted to try using the EML on them for long range sniping around terrain.

    But I'm starting to think the vyper may be best now as a more elegant jetbike upgrade for autarchs and farseers(I just don't like how they look on a regular jetbike).
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