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    Heavy duty crisis tactica

    Tau Tactica: A non-traditional choice, the heavy-duty crisis team.

    Conventional wisdom says to keep crisis suit point down to spare points for more units. This short tactica suggests a different setup. While not as useful against guard equivalent armies, it’s a punishing combination for marine equivalents. It is advised to use stealth teams in conjunction with this tactic if you are facing a guard equivalent army.

    Point of creating a heavy team
    The idea behind the heavy duty crisis team is to turn suits into models capable of easily surviving the whole game. In my area, this tactic is essential as most players take massive amounts of strength 8 or higher weaponry. This means that suit survivability is key. While jump shoot jump is a valuable tactic, you cannot rely on it to protect you from barrage weapons or troops/vehicles with can move up to 12?.

    The importance of weapon selection
    Think about it logically, their points cost is somewhat substantial even taken with baseline equipment (TL missile pod with targeting array for example). The idea that taking a baseline suit is cheap is just wrong. They’re comparable in cost to units such as grey knights even before their armament. Taking them baseline cheap with flamers or burst cannons drastically reduces their firepower and range.

    A commander example
    A heavy duty command suit looks like this; Shas’ O plasma/fusion, HW multitracker, Shield generator and stimulant injector. This commander can not only survive high-powered ordnance shots with the invulnerable, but even stands a chance of surviving close combat with a weakened enemy. While this is a massive amount of points, it’s worth it for the fact that such a suit draws a lot of enemy attention and will often survive to the end. It’s quite possible for it to make it across the board to destroy a tank or HQ, while providing valuable support fire from the plasma gun.

    A team example
    The other heavy duty choice is a heavy duty crisis team. My most valuable team is 3 crisis suits, 2 with TL plasma and shield generators, and 1 Shas’ vre with plasma, missile pod, HW multi-tracker and HW drone controller. Top this off with 2 shield drones and your opponent has to get through 4 invulnerable saves and wounds before you lose any firepower. Such a unit is protected by jump shoot jump, and has the invulnerable saves and regular saves to survive barrage weapons which ignore line of sight.

    The obvious downside is the possibility that they may be caught in close combat. This is, of course, a very real threat to any Tau. However their added durability allows them to retreat in directions many suits couldn’t. It’s easy for them to jump out into a firing lane in order to get additional fire support from other troops. It’s also very easy for them to absorb enemy fire coming through that lane, a vastly superior option to being caught in CC.

    Why it is worth the points
    While the point cost may seem staggering, the benefits far outweigh it if you are in an environment with large numbers of S8, high AP weapons (think marines based entirely on heavy/high strength weapons). A squad like the one I have mentioned above can kill a maximum of 6 marines a turn to plasma fire alone. Combined with fire support from a commander and hammerhead, few squads can survive such shooting. This approach also makes them a fire magnet, which helps protect firewarrior and kroot squads.

    No one expects…
    The last advantage is surprise. Since this is an uncommon tactic, your opponents will be bewildered by the fact that all your suits have a superior invulnerable. It leads them to second guess their shooting and movement, because the hammerhead looks less threatening when another powerful, durable unit is on the field. While the loss of a suit is very damaging to this tactic, it allows the other suits to make up for the loss due to their power and toughness.


    Ask yourself why in the world would you trust a win loss record? Playing them yourself is the only way to tell.

    The true joy in the game is playing down to the last model, no matter the odds.

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    on the commander, in particular, i concur. In the case of elite suits, I consul balance, young padawan.

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