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Thread: Eldar Index

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    Eldar Index

    (Jetbikes, Vypers and Walkers – Stratergy and Tactics of the Eldar light vehicle Army)Jetbikes, Vypers, and Walkers - by Cheredanine
    (Writing a guide for aspiring Eldar players)General tactica - by Viktor (old codex)
    New Eldar Tactica - by Heiromyo


    New Codex Review by Da Mighty Camel
    Eldar Homepage by Games Workshop
    The Harlequins by Games Workshop
    Biel-Tan Home by Games Workshop
    Saim-Hann Home by Games Workshop
    Alaitoc Home by Games Workshop
    Iyanden Home by Games Workshop
    Ulthwe Home by Games Workshop

    (Tyrannic War campaign army 1500/750)Second Tyranic war list Rorks Army list used at the Second Tyranic war - sept 2007, very sucessfull anti nids army

    If you would like anything added, please PM myself or another 40k moderator.

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