Well I had my first battle with the new codex and played a 1500 point game against Marines.

Here was my list
2 sqauds of Jetbikes
With Shuriken Cannons
15 Guardians
Scatter Laser (had some extra points)
Fusion Gun, Banshee Mask, and Power Blades
10 Howling Banshees
Exarch with mirror blades
6 Fire Dragons
Shuriken Cannon
Vectored Engines
Holo Fields
Spirit Stones
Fire Prism
Holo Fields
Spirit Stones
War Walkers
2 Bright Lances
2 Scatter Lasers

The purpose of this is not a Battle Report, rather what worked well and what didn't and how I see these units working in the future.

Due to a lucky shot on my Wave Serpent, the Banshees and Autarch spilled out and didn't see much action. I think if i use the Autarch in the future I will never leave home without the Swooping Hawk Wings or Warp Spider Backpack. As it was, as soon as the squad of banshees was dead, I had to keep the exarch moving and fleeting to just keep him alive. For his points, I think I will be sticking with the Farseer as he seems to be able to add so much more to the other squads.

The Avatar worked great and was a lot of fun. He did what he was supposed to do, that is until he got sucked down with a Force Blade. I think I will take the new Avatar a lot in the future.

Since I love how these guys look, and until I get me some Dire Avengers, I really liked how these guys played out. I think they are actually worth their points now. They will be great harassers and quarter takers/blockers. I plan on having them zipping to and fro, aiding where they are needed.

War Walkers
Not being open topped save these guys. I plan on using them on a flank for surgical strikes and with all the other big things running around, Falcons, Prisms, Avatars, they should get shot at less.

Fire Prism
For 160 points with Holo Fields and Spirit Stones, the Fire Prism was great. Didn't do terribly much, but I can't wait to use it on my friends Tyranids. That blast template is going to rock. Needing 3's helped as well. I think its just how cheap it is. It is less than a full squad of Marines.

I quit playing these guys when i went to Biel Tan and forsee not playing them when I get my Dire Avengers. Artisans belong at home creating art and making love not war!

These are just some preliminary thoughts on what I took and how they played out. My goal for the list was to creat a new army with what I had currently and tried not to proxy anything - yes I know i had to proxy the Autarch. Gimme a break!

Overall, it was a good game, it ended in a draw though. Losing that Serpent and then the whole squad of Banshees turned the tide of the game for me.

Thanks for reading my ramplbings,