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    trying to come up with a list, can ya help?

    ok. this is the third time of me playing eldar, first with the new codex obviously. Seeing what ya guys think i should do.

    I bought 6 war walkers at the local store cause they were mispriced for $25 for the $60 box, so i picked em up.

    I also have 96 eldar rangers, i know... i know...

    what should i buy to fill out a good solid 2000 pts list.

    my stratageys usually work on running and gunning and its worked for me in the past, but i always love a good assault phase.

    cant wait for your feedback.

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    That is a lot of warwalkers. I am so jealous. But, you have How Many rangers? Dear sweet merciful heavens!

    If you are looking for running and gunning, you have chosen a great army, but you have mentioned you like a good assault phase. I am going to give you some options on this.

    *NOTE* these are my opinions. What works for me may not work for you. *NOTE*

    Howling Banshees - Everybody knows what these ladies can do. And they will absorb firepower based on that. Marine armies will dump more firepower into them than say...orks. The ability to ignore even the heaviest armor makes MEQ's shake in their ceramite. But when you take into account how difficult it may be to inflict wounds, they need help. Enter farseer with Doom

    Striking Scorpions - heavy armor, a ridiculous number of attacks, and an augmented strength make thes some of the best eldar assault units on the board. These guys cant fleet, but when they can hug cover, they can be a pain in your opponents backside. These guys are comparable to CC marines, only better. (Oh, if your opponent lets you get the charge...bad things will happen to the victims.)

    Storm Guardians - I seem to one of the only people to use these guys. A warlock with enhance leading a squad of respectable size make these guys a very viable unit. No, they can't rush up the center of the board. But if they can swing out from behind terrain, (Or leap from the concealment of a forest) When they get their enhanced initiative, weapon skill, and significant number of attacks, they tend to make an impression. Again, they have a low strength, so a farseer with Doom will make these 'weaksauce' (not my words) models a nice surprise for your opponent who wasn't expecting them. And using them in tandem with banshees...I find it difficult to believe the opponent's unit will survive.

    Shining Spears - I love these guys. I love them so much. Yes, they are expensive. But worth it. I have sent terminator squads fleeing for their lives. Crashing into a marine squad 8 S6 3 S8 power weapon attacks, at initiative. Think about that for just a second. 3 attacks. Str 8. At initiative. With an exarch WS. :w00t: :yes: And then you get 8 more Str 6 attacks. The biggest thing to consider with these guys is that your opponent will likely be destroyed (Unless fighting hordes) and you will be caught in the open. Or, if you don't kill everybody, and they remain in combat, your weapon effectiveness is greatly reduced. (These guys need hit and run IMO)

    Wraithlord - A wraithlord is everything a dreadnought wants to be. Tough as nails, capable of laying down ludicrous firepower, and a monster in assault. These thing inspire fear in people who believe the hype. They are not indesctructible. But they can definitely force you opponent to alter their battle plan.

    Avatar - Now, he is truly a monster. If your opponent doesn't have a psychic hood, Fortune this guy and follow him to the center of the board. He will carve a brutal swath through your opponent's lines. (Fortune is optional. if you have enough terrain that blocks LoS, you should be ok.)

    Phoenix Lords/Harlequins - I have not used these units yet, so I can not give any adequate impressions on their value. I am sure that by looking at the codex you have some ideas of your own on how useful they are, and how they will fit in with your army list.

    I hope I helped at least a little bit. Best of luck with your Eldar.
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    Once again Forsaken, a very helpful post. Even if it didn't help him, it certianly helped me!
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