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    kroot emrcs worth it?

    i have a 1500 pt rt army and ive gotten 1250 pts in


    dracon on bike w/ minimal squad
    dracon with minimial incubi raider squad
    wych squad on raider

    2 raiders squads
    2 sniper squads
    2 ravagers dissied up

    for the final 250 would you advise kroot mercs or more wychs?

    ive seen kroot do somet nasty stuff, but are they worth it?

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    Thats a tough question as the points value is a bit lower than I normally play. I have found that symmetry seems to be very efective in 40k. Two ravs or two Taloi work far better than a single of each.

    And having two squads of wyches works a lot better than one. I find having two squads hitting the same unit, or stretching into two enemy units (if they are smaller enemy squads) generally will overpower the enemy in 1-2 turns of CC. Wyches tend to need a little support.

    I also run a 100 point unit of kroot in my army. And they have always been worth at least double their points. On missions where you infiltrate, putting them into the woods in enemy territory draws a ton of fire from my opponents. They are a great diversionary unit and with the 4++ save in the woods are surprisingly hardy.

    If you can put them so they are over 6" into woods, they still get to fire but can't be fired upon and are difficult to charge unless its a unit that can charge over 6". But even then, they hit like marines in CC. They are a very solid unit at 1850 level. I actually dropped my warp beast squads and picked up a 4th wych squad and the kroot. My army is a lot more effective now.

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    I play against someone usually once or twice a week that uses Kroot merc in two ways:
    1) 10 Kroot w snipers - as described hiding in woods, pinning critical units. They sometimes make back thier points but usually just pin other units, like marine dev squads or DE Lance squads, etc.
    2) 10 Kroot + 10 Hounds + Shaper w Eviscerator (+Master shaper w Eviscerator optional) all with Blood of the Stalker - with a good Stalker roll you can have a first turn charge. The Eviscrators make a mockery of Taloi, Wraithlords, Dreadnaughts and most tanks plus the hounds just lay down the smak with #'s of attacks. The problem is that if you can't charge 1st turn (or go 2nd) and your opponent recognized just how much of a threat the Kroot are he'll blast your 250 points into smitherines. The good news about that is he won't be shooting much at your Raiders

    What we found was that if he got a first turn charge with the Kroot he would usually win (he has tight lists and is a great general) otherwise it really hurt him when we blew up 250 points of his army before they got to engage.
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