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Thread: Army Types

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    Army Types

    Hey, im fairly new to dark eldar and would like to know about some of the types of dark eldar armies. I would also like to know what knids of units work and dont work in these kinds of armies.

    Thnxs for reading.

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    There are 6 basic kinds of dark eldar armies.

    1. The Wych Cult
    2. The Haemonculus Coven
    3. The Army of Shadows
    4. The True Kabal
    5. The Standard Kabal
    6. Gunboat Army

    The wych cult is a proper varient list where the lords get some special wych abilities and wyches become troops, wyches are almost without a doubt our best assault unit, they are really good. This list restricts the use of warriors, another of our best units, and forbids the use of incubi, grotesques, talos etc... Very assault orientated. It can also branch off into an all reaver list but so can a kabal and its not really another type of army.

    The Haemonculus coven isn't a varient list but its a themed army style of play, it involves usually 6 haemonculi as HQ, or 3 haemonculi and Urien Rakarth (master haemonculus) or less of them, depending on the posts, then lots of haemonculus creations making up the bulk of the army, so 3 taloi (plural of talos) and 3 squads of grotesuqes, a bunch of warriors just to fill troops.

    The Army of shadows again isn't a varient list but a themed army. It revolves around using as many mandrakes as possible and the decapitator (mandrake champion) as an HQ. This list relies on nobody ever being able to see any of the army untill turn 3 at the earliest hopefully, the 3 mandrake squads advance, and the decapitator is hidden where you want him, any other things in the army have to have deepstrike or come in through a webway portal (held by something with deepstrike) Scourges come in to use here, and raider squads with screaming jets (allows them to deepstrike)

    The True kabal is a kabal that doesn't use any of the creatures like warp beasts, doesn't hire out mercenaries like wyches (that includes hellions and reavers) and doesn't use the haemonculi or their creations either. It has a very solid ammount of warriors, backed up by lords, scourges, raiders and ravagers. If you don't feel that keen on theming it all that far, then you could use mandrakes... but...

    The standard kabal is what most DE players play, including me, it can have a mix of any kind of dark eldar units, it usually has a couple of squads of wyches, several squads of warriors, usually a couple of ravagers or talos, sometimes incubi... standard list, well balanced, I reccomend it.

    Then there is the gunboat army which I consider cheesy, everything is either a ravager or mounted in a raider, very shooty, very fast, don't upgrade anything for CC, ravagers with dissintegrators, raiders with dark lances and warriors with splinter cannons, in 2000+ points it should use Asdrubael Vect as an HQ, otherwise, a minimal dracon with a bodyguard of warriors in a raider (extra 2 splinter cannons there, give the dracon a xenospasm for more shooty goodness). This will thrash most opponents but a select few will beat it soundly.

    Thats the basics.

    Wyches, lords and warriors are our ultimate units
    Incubi, ravagers and warp beasts are our very good units.
    Taloi, reavers and haemonculi are our pretty good units.
    Grotesques and mandrakes are our bleh units
    Scourges and Hellions are our crap units.

    Raiders are good additions to most things, and if you field incubi or wyches, they NEED raides.

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