Yes I just started playing and I chose Tau and my line-up is pretty simple. I usually go with 2 things of fire warriors with pulse rifles in devil-fish(Devil-fish armes with burst canon, pulsecarbines and flacheti launchers), 2 things of commander crisis suits with body gaurds and 2 things of 3 regualar crisis suits all of them armed with plasma rifles, missle pods, and multi trackers( I think thats what they're called), then i have a squad of three stealth suits armed with burst canons and one witha bonding knife. Then I have 2 hammerheads armed with railgun, SMS, decoys, flachettie,and multitracker. Then I have 2 full squads of Kroot warriors armes with Kroot Rifles. I also have 2 squads of sniper drones armed with railguns and marker lights. Im sure im forgetting something but i think thats it. My army is usually going up against these armies the majority of the time; other tau, tyranids, space marienes, imperial gaurd, eldar, and necrons.

Please give me advise on how i can improve and tell me what im doing good.