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    Army Idea for the New Codex

    My idea for the new codex, using some of my old models and new ones yet to buy. Opinions welcomed.

    Avatar; Alaitoc Autarch; Howling Banshees; Striking Scorpians; Harlequins; Rangers; Pathfinders; Warp Spiders; Swooping Hawks; Wraithlord; Dark Reapers; Falcon

    My thoughts for the above figured that the DRs, Rangers, Pathfinders and Falcon would be fire support. Wraithlord split for anti tank/anti infantry. Spiders are for heavy troops to light tanks, Hawks are light troops. Assault units mixed with Avatar anti whatever they encounter.

    My typical opponents are Eldar, Tyranids, Orks, Necrons, Witch Hunters & Daemon Hunters, and of course the usual SM.

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    As far as the old Alaitoc armies go they don't really throw out enough fire power to halt an advance. Sniper rifles and pinning was good, but had limited shots so you didn't cause that many casulties and depending on the army you fought, low chance of actually pinning.

    I recommend you upgrade all your rangers to pathfinders as their resilience is vastly increased. This will keep your theme of Alaitoc if you feild these as your troops but I wouldn't feild too many of these for the reasons stated above.

    With Pathfinders as your mainstay of immobile shooters I recommend you don't use Dark Reapers and go infavour of something a little more faster as your army seems relatively slow and subject to fast moving armies such as Dark Eldar. Fire bases are nice but they don't do well when you're fighting an army far faster than you, so to counter this you want some fast units. For the sole purpose of Firebase mobility the Fire Prism tank will cover this area quite well or/and a squad of Gaurdians. Gaurdians being able to fleet of foot and carry a heavy weapon means they can support your army close up and the Fireprism is fast but also carries a long ranged heavy hitting weapon that is quite multipurpose.

    The Wraithlord I recommend you use as your anti-tank since you don't have anything solid in that area of expertise at the moment. Being one of the few units that can deal with vehicles in your army I recommend you give it twin brightlances. Targeting tanks means if it does destroy one it easily paid its points back, generally taclking infantry with a Wraithlord tends not to be too effective due to its limit shots and low attacks in combat. It can have twin flamers which is nice I guess, but hardly the weapon of choice against power armour IMO.

    Warp Spiders are good, offers you a high amount of hard hitting mobility while Swooping Hawks can give you close ranged anti-tank, though not entirely too reliable due to their light armour. You can utilise multiple grenade packs blasts with the Autarch per game.

    I do not recommend an Avatar for your army. The reason I say this is because your army is everywhere. You have a few troops at the front a few moving up and a few sitting still waiting for your oppontent to walk into their sights. I recommend you split your army into two sections from your list makeup. One half makes up your shock troopers, infantry that hit hard and fast while wearing heavy armour (3+ saves), Warp Spiders, Striking Scorpions, Shining Spears and Harelquins do this quite well. Gaurdians and Dire Avengers will aid them quite well with close ranged shooting and spend their time in the front too.

    The other half can be a fire base, while these guys are purely support and may not deal too much damage I don't recoomend you spend too many points in this area. Firebases that can move and shoot often prove the most useful in being able to react to different situations that arise during a game, Fire Prisms and Falcons do this well.

    Lastly from me, your army does lack any form of certain anti-heavy infantry. WHile you do have alot of anti-infantry weaponry none of them particularly can deal certain death to power armour or above. I do recommend you add some low ap weapons here or there as it can prove life saving against Daemon Hunters and Space Marines.

    In general: your army has a lot of anti-infantry and some mobility which is good, but your do lack anti-tank and anti-heavy infantry. You can also do with a little more mobility to back up those units that sit still.
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