I already posted this in conversions but I thought I would also place it here where it would hit its target audience better enjoy and please let me know what you think.

Well I figured I would throw out a couple of my favorite ork conversions for you guys to see and hopefully enjoy a little of my orkie madness. First I have my old warboss Regrak Umiebutcha. I now use Regrak as my big mek or he is a warboss on bike if I play Speed Freaks. I used to have a webpage for him but it got lost when the immaterium attacked geocities years ago, since then I have never taken the time to redo it although I know I should.

As you can see Regrak sports a custom wheel bolted onto his torso after a Leman Russ rolled over his legs, seperating poor Regrak from them. He leads a unit of ever evolving cyborks which he is constantly working with Doc stitchemguud to improve for combat. Regrak dbelieves that no ork should be left behind and the remnants of some of his cyborks proves this. He has used everything from tau drone pieces to necron arms and legs, even encasing some orks in pieces of SM armor to get them back into battle.

next I will post Regraks little buddy Gonspidaddem. Gonspidaddem used to be on the same base as regrak and it looked like he was dragging Regrak around on a chain leashas if he were really in charge and the warboss was the pet. I use him still as an attack squig as long as none of my opponents really gripe about him, none ever have.

there is also a gon1.JPG but since the pic didn't turn out well I didn't post it.

Finally I need to introduce the leader of my stormboys. his name is Garock Blastabasha and there really isn't much of a conversion to him other than gluing an old rocket pack to a nob and green stuffing it so there was no huge gap between them.