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    Indestructible Falcon, arghhhhhh!!!!!

    Hi everyone,

    When it comes to playing against Eldar, I find it very easy to destroy pretty much everything in the army, apart from the bloody falcon. In my opinion, it is way too underpriced for what it is capable of and its almost impossible to destroy. It just ends up zooming around the battlefield shooting the rest of my warriors and winning the game for the eldar player.

    So what would you suggest I field? I was thinking about an all warrior list but I'm still not convinced that this could take it down: 1000pts - 48warriors, 1500pts - 75 warriors, 2000pts - 103 warriors!!!!!!!

    Thanks for any replies,


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    Although it can act as a nasty Assault Transport, that doesnt appear to be the problem you're having so it's shooting is a problem. Well it's not that brilliant against WBBing Necron Warriors.

    As Spirit Stones have been changed single glancing hits will now cause alot more problems, I hated getting 3 glances to have them holofielded down to stunned/shaken and then ignored by some lucky rolls. 9 Necron warriors shooting ought to stop the thing shooting, if you can get into range. Appart from that I would mostly ignore it, it's not worth going out of your way to kill.
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