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    Pathfinders : Scouts

    Hi again !

    I finished to assemble my Tau army and they are great. I play my first game with them on next saturday and I'm eager to see how they realy work.

    I've read the codex many times and I think I understand most of the features but there is still something that is not clear :

    Since pathfinders are scouts and since they must be equipped with a Devilfish, does that means that the Devilfish has the right to use the freemove if the pathfinders are mounted in it ? I'm not sure.

    I would say yes as the devisfish is included in their entry. But I don't think that what's applicable to infantry is applicable to vehicles they are mounted in.

    I don't know.

    What's the position of LO on this dire mather ?

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    There is no LO "position" on this. Unfortunately, the latest Tau FAQ (available from the GW website), clearly states that the devilfish does not get to make the scout move. If you mount the pathfinders inside, they don't get to "scout". If you leave them unmounted, they may take the scout move. But then, of course, you've got a loose devilfish flying around. Not A Bad Thing, per se, but it sure is dumb to be forced to buy a transport that can't fully participate.

    Stupid, yes, we all know it. But there's nothing to be done about it.
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