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    Local escalating campaign

    At my local shop they are planning a campaign were the idea is you can start small and accumulate your army over the next half a year, and be able to join or leave the campaign at your leisure. This allows new people to get in, and vets to have some fun.

    They plan on starting out with kill-team, then moving to 1000 point, 1500, and then 2000, over the next 5 months; with 1 starting month to get kill teams ready. And a respective month for each section of the campaign.

    The idea here being that your army is "building" as you move up the ranks as a general, or something.

    But here is the kicker: the kill team must be used as an elite choice for its points in the 1000 point army, and what you had in the 1000 point army must be used in the 1500 army, and so on to 2000 points.

    In other words, you need to start with an all around team, and keep it that way.

    Each section of the campaign will have a winner, based on VP accumulated in that section, with a limit of 1-2 official campaign battles a week. There will also be awards for best looking/painted kill-team. And an overall winner.

    So finally, this is where I need some help.

    I need to design an effective kill team, that will also be effective as a unit throughout the rest of the campaign.

    My initial thought is a team of 2 pariahs, and 3 immortals. This will do well in KT for obvious reasons, but I think it can also be effective on other levels because the immortals can take the wounds for the pariahs and use WBB, and the pariahs can protect in CC.

    So what are your thoughts, or questions?

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    I use this exact kill team. It is about the best you can get, unless you deepstrike in with a batch of flayed ones to instantly get the objective (can be one turn win or loss).

    The really nice think about the pariah/immortal team is that everybody can fry all the 4+ save (includes eldar, dark eldar, stormtroopers, guardsmen, orks, and tyranids (but the nids have a really unfair advantage)) brutes from range and the marine types from cc due to the pariah and superior toughness.

    Another superb advantage is that you are immune to phase out. With only 3 necrons, you are as the highest necron number without being subject to the phase out rule.

    The biggest thing you need to worry about is the brute side of it all. You NEED to keep your brute squads somewhat close to each other (like, within 6" at all times if possible) and always buy the doom squad upgrade (and las traps if you have some extra points). The doom squad can be selected after you roll to improve on one of your warrior squads, so you can get a 6 man doom squad with +1 to sight (the most valuable part for you).

    Aslo note that a "dead" necron unit can still be seen, as the "dead" models should be kept on the board unless they do a WBB roll, thus giving you a counter. Also note that an enemy unit may not shoot and assault some other unit besides the one they shot at (applies you you as well), so you can have units of necrons right next to each other with no fear of assaulters getting to the other ones.

    Also, no unit my fall off the board. No unit may sweep, and there are some other things that should be known. Make sure you really know the kill team rules, as they are..... different.

    Oh, and do not get dragged down in cc with your kill team. If it is a marine group, well that isn't so bad, but any of the numerous brutes will eventualy take your kill team down through numbers and sheer number of attacks.

    *added* the nids have an unfair advantage in some kill teams because they have the 'without number' rule. so you vape a brute squad of gaunts, the bodies are left and a new squad comes in from any table edge. This means that the number of bodies gets to the point where they can simply go through a table edge and get a klaxon counter. This ability isn't all that much of an advantage when you need to blow something up, but anywhere you need to escape to a table edge means they pretty much have you.
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    "When a necron gets hit with a weapon more than double its toughness it is hit so hard that it goes into "negative damage" and does less damage than it actually would if it hit him with less force!" Quote from azimaith on Warseer, contemplating how much GW will Nerf the WBB rules.

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