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    Feral Orks - Fast Attack Options

    Just looking at expanding my current 750pts Feral Orks list. I'd like more fast attack units, I only have 1 Junka tunit with 5 boyz, truck with rokkits @85pts which my power clawed boss jumps into.

    Looking at the rules I only have 3 options.

    1, Junka - either up the number in my first truck or add a second unit of 5 perhaps giving 1 a burner. Not fluffy but quick and can carry a rokkit.

    2, Boarboyz - either a small unit or perhaps scrapping the Junka's mounting my Boss and having a larger unit. I like the fluffyness of this option but they are only fast in an assult.

    3, Herda & Squighounds - sorry, I might be being thick here but how are these fast attack?

    My usual tactics are let my Squiggoths draw fire, fast attack the most threatening units, soften things up with rokkits and kannons(sgiggoth mounted), march my boyz (brutes and madboyz) in using grotz and squiggoths as cover.

    I think the Junka option would be most useful, but I would like your ideas. And can someone explain the benifits of the Herda and Squighounds as fast attack, although I might swap my grots for a unit of these.

    Thanks Guys.


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    For fast attack I would stick with Junka trukks but you need a full allotment of boys in the trukks as 5 boys assaulting aren't going to do a whole lot swinging at I2 and most likely failing their Waagh check. A squad of 10 really can lay the hurt
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