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    Tanks/Heavy weapons

    Good day to all! I've almost completed my Eldar army however I would like to ask everyone's opinion on a heavy weapons slot. So far I have the following:

    Farseer- HQ
    Dire Avengers- troop choice
    Howling Banshees- Elites
    Fire Dragons- Elites
    Swooping hawks- Fast attack

    I was wondering what a nice heavy weapons slot would be. I've been looking through the forums for the past few weeks and I've often seen that people give a lot of compliments to the Falcon though there are pros and cons to that of course. Given this army make up, which unit would you think will best compliment it? In my area the main opponents are MEQ but there are also not a bad number of Tau players while I'm one of the few Eldar players. Necron, Tyranid, IG and Ork players are pretty rare.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    And this is where most Eldar players become stuck, theres just such a great range to choose from.

    Personally I take one falcon as standard, armed with 2 shuricannons and use it with maximum agression, get it stuck into the rear of your opponent.

    After this its either a mixture of another falcon and reapers, falcon and wraithlord, or two squads of reapers. They generally all cost the same so I mix and match depending on what army I'll be playing. Just think what counters what best, for example, when playing khorne I field two squads of reapers, Nids would be two falcons and a wraithlord because this packs a lot of firepower and enough CC ability to take on big nids.

    I know some people like war walkers and will recomend them. The only reason I don't take them is because I field spiders instead. Take something thats going to compliment your army, for example, if you got lots of footsloggers a wraithlord makes people think twice about charging head-on into you, especially with powerfull HQ's or high point models. Alternativly if your whole army is mounted in serpents, something with a long range and/or lots of speed will compliment well, like a falcon, warwalker or *shudders* fireprism. (I don't like prisms)

    I do think however that since our heavy support choices are so good you shoud definatly field three. Hope this has been of some help.
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