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Thread: New Army list

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    New Army list my bro and I have been working on this army for a while now, and I asked the good ole boys at GW, and they helped me create my Mekanised Army List
    Here it goes:
    Mekanised Ork Army

    Warboss: ‘eavy armor, choppa, shoota, bionik arm, bionik bonce, iron gob, cybork body. 108 Points
    2 Nobz in Mega Armor: Mega Armor, Mega boosta, power claw, shoota, 87x2= 174 points
    Mounted in wartruck =30 points
    Big Mek: warboss setup = mek tools = 75 points
    Body guard=
    1 mek- eavy armor, slugga, choppa, mek tools =23 points
    1 mek- eavy armor, burna, mek tools,= 30 points
    1 mek- Kustom Forcefield= 33 points
    Mounted in wartruck + 30

    1 mobs of stormboyz : 240 points

    2 mobs of slugga boyz:: 340points
    1 burna squads w/ mek: 123 points
    1 Tankbusta squad: 110 points

    Fast Attack:
    3 Trukk Mobs: 360

    Heavy Support:
    1 Battle Wagon: 145
    1 Armored Gun Wagon: ?
    3 looted Rhinos: 150

    Of course the whole army will be "mekanised" but they have more advantages over a speed freak army because they are not lid'le grots........The whole objective is to get in......real quick. ___________________________________________________________________________ ________________________ I am pretty sure with all of the vehicles all my troops can be mounted, but ifmy caculations are off, please tell me what I need to fix.
    -Any ideas or critiques would be appreciated:yes:

    Last edited by Katie Drake; March 23rd, 2007 at 17:22.

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    Please, in the future refrain from asking for the stats and point costs of weapons, wargear and models. This is against Librarium Online's rules, which can be found here:

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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