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    My random diffrent questions I come up with after diffrent games and such...

    Yes this is posted on other site exactly the same But diffrent people right?
    Well there is this really arrogant punk running around at the Local Games workshop. Pretty much has not really lost with his Daemon hunters but I think I will be playing him so any tips for being able to stand up to him? All the storm bolters seem like they would shred me in seconds. I don't really have a big collection to fight him with either...

    I have about 25 warriors 2 dark lances and 2 splinter cannons possible more splinter cannons and I tried really hard. I have 3 reaver jet bikes I have some Chaos hounds I been wanting to use as warp beasts and I have 3 wyches converted from reaver jet bike things. So I might be able to use them as a warp beast pack masters. So I guess that can be my next question how would using chaos hounds as warp beasts work? Would there be any conversions I would need to do to them or should do? I ask it that way as they seem a real pain to try and convert... Oh one finale note I have a temp thing I am using as an archon and I should be getting a Raider squad. In a week I may be getting like 14 warriors and other raider possible though that is way up in the air right now at the same thing it might be possible for me to get a ravager around the same time.

    I know playing warhammer is not a cheep hobby to get into but any tips on how to make a dark eldar army that is a little cheaper? It won't be like this for every I wont always be on a budget after I move I will probably be able to buy more but at that time I will be gaming less since I will be so far away from the store... Getting all the warriors needed is being a pain any one have thoughts that I could use all the cadian models I have? Awhile ago I bought like 4 boxes of cadians that I don't really use bought a fantasy chaos army box the $200 thing Some wood elf glade guard Some marine chest pieces and back backs. I got a box of chaos hounds and demonetts. So using all of that does any one have any ideas of things I could make? I looked threw them found a few possibilities

    The chaos hounds as warp beasts I said but maybe some how turn demonetts into wyches... naked wyches... any ways I tried making a mandrake out of wood elf and imperial guard body parts but he just turned out dorky looking. I have some ork epic pieces no titans but lots of little truck things I was thinking of putting them together with some green stuff and make a talos transformer style! Not that I like Talos or really want to use one but hey...

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    ok, i couldn't descerne from your post, do you have any army atm?

    i use dark elves for my wyches (i can't remember what they are called), so as long as your wood elves aren't in too much armor i wouldn't shy too far from using them, just gotta get circle bases.

    how many points will this battle be?

    his storm bolters will dice you, but then he won't have many troops to dice you with. Your main strength is you will move faster than him, you just have to get the jump on a squad or two of his and rip them apart. He can only field 10-40 troops per 1000 pts, so everytrhing for him is vital. (looking back on it, 40 troops sounds like a bit, but remember that if he did that he would have no justicars, no transports, no psycannons, no upgrades at all.

    close range fire and h2h will win you the day, get agonisers in there. wych ag's warrior ag's, any ag. reaver blasters. talos isn't that great in this situation, because they are all s6 and can wound him easy. oh, one last point. don't leave home without incubi. they are good in this situation. kill one unit each and have made their points back and they will do that easily.

    last tip, don't get bogged down, and watch out for LRC's

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