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    Return of "Codex: Sector 025"

    Hey guys, you probably don't remember me, I haven't logged on for...2 years!? Woah, long time.

    Anyway, a few of you may remember a project WAY back involving the creation of an unofficial expansion codex (similar to Codex: Armageddon).

    I know this project has been iced for some time, but I've decided to dig it up and actually finish it. For those of you who don't know what it's about you can read the previous thread (Codex: Sector 025 (Finaly the DE aren't ignored!)), it's not too long.

    In the following sections I will post all the resources we currently have.



    The Kabal of Steel live on a stolen craftworld, dead and drifting within the warp. The Ark Nox, the Ark of Darkness. for reasons unknown, they can't to leave the sector (Sector 025). So they prey mercilessly on the nearby planets. Led by Archon Kali and his lover, Archite Melantha, they unleash choas amung the local systems.

    Enter the Fal'Shia Rebels; they believe that the planets should be saved, but the Ethereals forbid them to enter the sector (again, for reasons unknown). The Tau Commander, <insert long-a** tau name> enters anyways and staves off an attack on Tarrin IV, unfortunately, a freak warp storm knocks out their long range sensors, trapping them in the sector.

    Simultaneously, Canton and his Angels of Truth are fleeing the wrath of the Emperium. He had been declared a heretic and a traitor, and the Angels of Truth declared Excommunicate (sorry for spelling). Though he still believes in the Emperor he claims his Divine Will is not being heard, or rather, that it is being heard but that the High council does not enact it. He escapes with only very few loyal marines but the gene-seed and the chapter fleet remain under his control. He reorganizes the remainder of his army, promoting a friend and hardened veteran, Brother Uriel to Grand Master. As they near the sector they locate a Tau scout ship, which flees before them towards the sector, they follow.

    A large fight ensues with Tau, who are caught between a battle on the planet vs. the Dark Eldar, and a battle in the skies against the Angels of truth. The Tau commander dies but a brash new Commander, Shas'O Fal'Shia M'Yen'Shi, organizes a fighting escape and the Fal'Shia Rebels swear their allegiance to him.


    "It was a horrific sight, everywhere there were streams of agony as the Kabal of Steel launched a suprise raid on the Fal'Shia Rebels outpost mercilessly killing every Fal'Shia alive. There was not a single drop of mercy from the Kabal. After the battle, only a carpet of dead corpses was left."

    - Lt. Vito, Angels of Truth Scout [From the Fyron Massacre investigation]

    "Whatever you do, don't let the Kabal get within 2 meters of you, or 10 meters of you, or 100 meters of you. In fact, don't let the Kabal get near you at all. If you do, the battle is already lost."

    - Shas'el Toth advising his troops before the battle of Grandule

    (Both provided by Librarium user; Vito_100)


    Kabal of Steel:
    The Dark Eldar of the Kabal of Steel live on a tortured Craftworld, this gives them a never ending source of wraithbone for the Terrorfex and Horrorfex.

    One member of a warrior or raider squad can take a terrorfex and splinter pistol instead of any other weapons.

    As well, vehicles can take a special Horrorfex variant, called a Repulsion-grenade; it uses dark repulsion technology to fire deadly wraithbone grenades.

    The Repulsion grenade can be taken for no extra points costs on a raider or Ravager but replaces one dark lance.

    The Repulsion-grenade has the following profile:
    Rng: 28� S: 2 AP: N/A Heavy 1 Blast

    Any hits are treated just like a Horrerfex except anyone hit takes a strength two hit –which is resolved before the pinning - and anyone wounded adds a -1 modifier to the pinning test.

    Fal'Shia Rebels:
    (Not quite sure of any special rules although they can't take Ethereals and possibly could have a preferred enemy: Dark Eldar rule. In addition there where some ideas to have them rely further on technology such as drones but have little or no access to Kroot)

    Angels of Truth:
    Angels of truth believe that the Emperor's will is not being served, and that those in positions of power have abusing his state. Unlike Normal Dark Angels, the Angels of Truth do not have Interrogators but do have a similar Chaplain; Truth Bearers.

    At the start of every game including an Angels of Truth Army, roll a D6 (Unless playing against Necrons or Tyranids). On a 6, the Angels of Truth believe one character in the opposing army has information that will help in the conquest for Truth. Randomly determine who the character is. If the character is slain in close combat, he is assumed to be taken prisoner instead and is worth D6x10 victory points (In a game that uses victory points) Or moral victory in any other.

    [The Codex will also contain additional detailed rules for fighting in the following terrain types: Deep Jungle, Ice & Snow, and special boarding action rules.]

    Here you can see the first two pages:



    Anyway, I hope to do a few pages by the end of the week. Please feel free to add any ideas, comments, or fluff that you want.

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