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    Cities of Death Stratagems for Tyranids

    I’d like to open up a discussion on which Cities of Death Stratagems you choose for your Tyranids. If you post your choices, please explain why you chose them. Depending on the amount of posts, maybe we can develop a Cities of Death Stratagems Nid Tactica, by editing from this post.

    Cities of Death suits Nid armies. The shorter lines of sight limits the amount of our opponents can hit our Nids with, and our ability to move quickly through cover is a perfect complement to this. I always use Fleshborer armed Gaunts with Scuttlers, and they love Cities of Death.

    I’ll open up with the Stratagems I consider using for my Nids. Choosing from the list is dependent on what my army consists of, the Mission and the terrain.

    Key Buildings

    Ammunition Store: This is very useful for any Nids with 24”+ ranged weapons and for Zoanthropes with Warp Blast. It seems particularly good for a Gun Fex and for Death Spitter/Venom Cannon armed Warriors.

    Medicae Facility: This stratagem is useful if you need to keep hold of mission important buildings or choke points. It makes Warriors with a Venom Cannon and Deathspitters a very tough unit, and turns a ranged weapons Carnifex into Superman (Supernid).

    Dirty Tricks

    Demolition: If your opponent is predictable or has a strategically dominant building, this Stratagem can really spoil his day.

    Fortifications: same as Medicae Facility. The high Cover save provided by Fortifications makes it very difficult to dislodge a unit defending the building. This is a very powerful choice for a key building, and is best used with Nids with 24” ranged weapons.


    Comparing Barricades and Tank Traps, I think that the Traps are more useful, as they still give a Cover save, and prevent access to most vehicles. My problem with this, is that it does not deal with Skimmers, i.e. Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons and the Tau.


    Combat Engineers: Gives the whole army useful skills, especially the Smoke Grenades. It is particularly useful for keeping your Gaunts and Stealers alive. I usually select this. For some reason the idea of clouds of pastel pink spores pouring out of a Genestealer’s rear is rather appealing. Coloured cotton wool anyone?


    Sewer Rats: This is very useful for any Nid close combat troops. There will always be enough Sewer markers to make it difficult for your opponent to watch them all. It would be very amusing to see a couple of close combat Carnifex or a Hive Tyrant squeezing out of a manhole cover into your enemy’s rear area. I usually select this too.

    Deep Strike: Only important if you are using Deep Strike troops.

    Infiltrators: Only important if you are using a Brood Lord. Personally I’d choose Sewer Rats instead of this.

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    While I do agree that sewer rats is a very worthwhile strategem, I'm pretty sure it's restricted to normal troops (as in no monsters etc). So you can't pop out your carni, you can however pop out your 8 man squad of genestealers. Also, keep in mind, if you're playing cities of death rules, you want to run through the buildings, not around them. And, flesh hooks are your friend.

    That all being said, nice info\tactica.
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    Be carefull though. As pointed previoulsy, many stratagems are only valid for infantry units. It is also true of all key building. By RAW, not even jump infantry and beasts can use them... As for TMC, you'd have to check at the end of the BGB. The tables there will inform you about your unit's classification...

    I find it's hard to use stratagems with nids, due to this. But sewer rats genestealer cans ruin a party pretty quickly. You have to be patient and "hide" the sewer hole, as you cannot charge the turn you come out.


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