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    Cities of Death Stratagems for the DE

    I’d like to open up a discussion on which Cities of Death Stratagems you choose for your Dark Eldar. If you post your choices, please explain why you choose them. Depending on the amount of posts, maybe we can develop a Cities of Death Stratagems DE Tactica, by editing from this post.

    Typical of the Dark Eldar, we can choose some Strategies which are almost useless to many other armies, and ignore some that many other armies would use. Wych squads are extremely useful in Cities of Death games, benefiting greatly from the lack of long lines of sight and from the amount of cover.

    I’ll open up with the Stratagems I consider using for my DE, choosing from the list dependent on what my army consists of, the Mission and the terrain.

    Key Buildings

    Sacred Ground: Use in mission important buildings or choke points. This is a good stratagem for any squad which you want to hold on to a piece of territory. Good for Warriors with decently armed Sybarites.

    Medicae Facility: same as Sacred Ground.

    Dirty Tricks

    Demolition: If your opponent is predictable or is likely to take a strategically dominant building, this Stratagem can really spoil his day.

    Plunging Fire: Very handy for Scourges and Raider squads.

    Fortifications: same as Medicae Facility. The high Cover save provided by Fortifications makes it very difficult to dislodge a unit defending the building. This is a very powerful choice for a key building. Good for Warriors squads with Dark Lances.


    Rappelling Lines: With so many Skimmers, this Stratagem can be useful in a number of ways. Most obviously dropping troops onto buildings which have significance, and dropping off Raider squads.

    Combat Engineers: This is very useful for Wyches, Warp Beasts and Incubi retinues. Warp Beasts with Jammers and Smoke Grenades...... interesting!


    Comparing Barricades and Tank Traps, I think that the Tank Traps are more useful, as they still give a Cover save, and prevent access to most vehicles. My problem with this, is that it does not deal with Skimmers, i.e. Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons and the Tau.


    Sewer Rats: There will always be enough Sewer markers to make it difficult for your opponent to watch them all. This stratagem is perfect for delivering Wyches and Warp Beasts into the heart of your enemy. Incubi retinues also work well with this Stratagem.

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    A whole bunch of those stratagems listed are useful and I consider them myself often, especially the medical one but I thought it was a bit weird that you decided to neglect Ammo Dump and Power Generator (or whatever it's called). Those 2 greatly enhance the effectiveness of shooting units and in a small game this is pretty important. Splinter weapons with rerolls to wound or lance weapons with rerolls to hit is great stuff. Don't forget these 2. I've used preliminary bombardment a few times and it hasn't really been that useful most of the time, one time it was ridiculously useful because my opponent and I misinterpreted the rules for it so it killed way too much but otherwise...

    I'm not a fan of sewer rats myself except maybe for containing a talos or 3 because you can't assault the turn you come out which leaves you as a sitting duck, unless you're a talos, where you can take a bit of fire. Besides, webway portals are like sewer rats but better. I don't use the talos anyway...

    Demolition.... Everyone but me always seems to take this stratagem... One time it turned the game from a win into a draw for me when it went off when my wyches were in the objective building, the wyches went below half strength and started running (still in the building but can't claim it and can't regroup) and the haemonculi in the building weren't scoring units so nobody had it. It's a nice one, especially when you destroy a building that someone else has put an ammo dump or similar in.

    That was a good start to an article. If you filled it out a bit with *why* each one is or isn't useful, just a few of lines on each then it would be rep-worthy.

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