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Thread: My tua now

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    My tua now

    This is what i have so i am asking what should i get next

    (not sure on the name)

    Crisis Battlesuit (1)

    Firewarriors (2 squads)
    Kroot (3 squads)

    Fast attack
    Devilfish (1)

    Heavy support
    Broadside (1)


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    Aesthete honorableSimon's Avatar
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    I would probably buy any of the following four things, which are kind of in the order I would consider them, but the first three are very close, the fourth is really more of an idea especially if your friends are okay with proxying:

    A. More Crisis suits
    Lets face it, not only are Crisis suits very pretty, they get to choose tons of shiny guns and shoot at things a lot until they are dead. But seriously, Crisis suits are a central part of most armies if you haven't got yourself down to a fixed army idea yet, the only trick here might be if your friends play what you see is what you get you might have some trouble deciding which shinies to put on them. If you don't know which direction you want your army to go, these are always a safe bet.

    B. A Railgun Hammerhead
    That's right Dave, you've even got me suggesting it to other people. There's no turning back now. I used to think (this was for a good three or four games ) that Broadsides with those advanced Stabilizers was all you needed for heavy support, but really moving 12'' and then firing an ordnance weapon is just not fair. I mean, it's actually fair, but once the submunitions round hits your friend's squad of closely spaces Storm Troopers, watching him cry is all you need to know that Broadsides just aren't enough.

    C. Stealth Suits!
    They're like, totally invisible, and stuff. Maybe it's just me, but being really hard to see, and being counted as always in cover is pretty sweet. These guys are more survivable than they might appear (especially with 23'' after JSJ between you and the enemy, good luck to them getting any sort of rapid fire, and then heavy weapons can't see you) and they have a daunting amount of anti-infantry with that amount of S5 shots.

    D. Kroot Hounds
    I put this last because you have tons of Kroot, and this might actually include some Hounds (you don't haev any indicated, certainly) But really I believe Kroot Hounds are really the essense of Kroot squads. You should have almost an equal number of kroot and hounds, with probably a few more regular krooties, and as your squad(s) charge forward you take the casualties on the regular kroot and the hounds strike (in most cases) before your opponent. I put these so low on the list because if you have cool friends they'll probably just let you proxy some normal kroot for hounds, so long as you mark them or something.

    In the end it all depends on the type of army you want to play. You seem to like Kroot a lot, so maybe go for some hounds first, but really the best might be for you to draft a list that you could field with what you've got and decide what you think is missing (or browse through the lists in the Army List section of this forum for ideas ).

    Hope that helps
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    I would say first comes a hammerhead.
    I had a list similar to yours once.
    The way to go is mobility. Tau are not based on broadsides and kroot, but crisis suits and hammerheads.

    so definately get a hammerhead.
    Then get 1 or 2 devilfish. These are invaluable. Really, you need devilfish.

    Then more suits, crisis or stealth.

    Let me give you an example.

    I have in my collection of Tau

    2 ethereals w/ shield drones (I never use ever ever ever)

    1 commander crisis suit (every game)

    5 regular crisis suits of varoius dispositions (use in and out, i prefer the big guns)

    13 stealth suits (always take a squad of 6, they can wipe out devastator squads. heh heh memories.

    20 kroot, 2 krootox, 6 kroot hounds, 2 shapers (this is more preference, I never never ever take them)

    3 squads of fire warriors w/2 devilfish. I only take the devilfish mounted versions. (go rifles, not carbines)

    3 broadsides (I use in smaller games against footslogger termie heavy marine armies)

    2 hammerheads (every game I can, they do much more than broadsides)

    24 seperate gun drones not attached to tanks (i use them occasionally, but never all at the same time)

    2 pirahnas both with fusion guns (in and out, not really both unless against other mech armies)

    10 vespid (invaluable for kill team and Blood Angels honor guard, not much else)

    some shield drones, etc.
    A huge list you see

    Tau are about mobile firepower. We select an enemy, utterly demolish it with all our list, and move on before being counter attacked. We are not for shooting all enemies in all directions like the IG are.

    OH and BTW devilfish do not take up any force organization slot at all.
    Last edited by LittleBlueMan; April 3rd, 2007 at 05:49. Reason: add kroot shapers
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