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    help against dark angels

    im going up against dark angels for the first time tomarrow. its a friendly game but i wanna kick my friends but cause he's been going on about how awesome his stuff is. well probley be playing 1500 pts. i have 20 dire avengers, 1 farseer, 6banshees, 1falcon, 1fireprisim, 1wairthlord, 5hawks, and 5 warlocks, and buying a pack of scorpions that night, any tactics against the dark angels would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Skip on the Scorpions and get Dark Reapers. Any MEQ army hates them. They have awesome range and can put a dent in any squad they shoot at. The Exarch can have 2x EML shots at BS5 that will help against an errant Dreadnaght or take out a few bikes. Either way Dark Reapers will hurt a lot.

    -The problem at hand is you have two good CC squads (Seer Council and Banshees) and only one semi-transport. I'd like to see the Banshees in the Falcon with the Farseer. Doom whatever unit they assault and they will have great success.

    -Definately use both tanks all tooled up.

    -The Swooping Hawks will be a bit out of place. Their grenade packs and lasblasters are weak against power armor. I'd give them Intercept and hope they can make it to a tank with their haywire grenades.

    -Dark Angels, like any MEQ army hate AP3 weapons. I'd put a Star Cannon on the Falcon and a Star Cannon on the Wraithlord. Any losses to a Space Marine army will hurt him because the models cost so much pointwise.

    -Keep your eye on the objectives. Eldar are naturally fast and have a natural speed advantage.

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