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    Spped Freaks Escalation Question

    Hey all, I had a question about Speed Freaks in escalation missions that I wanted to make a post for. In escalation missions only unmounted normal foot troops can be deployed so that rules out all the freaks. Normally in games you come in from reserves in turn 2 on 4+, 3 on 3+ etc. In the Freaks codex it says you are allowed to start rolling for reserves on turn 1. My quesion is if these guys come in on a 4+ on turn 1, what do they come in on in turn 2? I would argue that due to their speed and such you shift the table to the left, meaning turn 1 is 4+, 2 is 3+, etc. However my buddies think it should stay turn 1 4+, turn 2 4+, turn 3 3+, and that the one advantage of the rule is the ability to start rolling earlier. Do any of you know the solution to this?

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    Speed Freaks escalation

    On turn 1 speed freaks can enter on a 4+ per their special rules.

    On turn 2 they also enter on a 4+. Reasoning for this the turn 1 is not a normal reserves roll, it actually counts as a special ability where they are quick to respond. Starting on turn 2 they are able to enter using the normal reserves rule which cites a 4+ in the big rule book. No where does it indicate that now you are allowed to enter on a 3+. In the big i think it even breaks it down where the 2nd reserves roll you make is at a 3+. So your first turn making a reserves roll is technically turn 2.
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