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    Farseer/Lock Questions

    Hey everybody! I'm sort of new here, I haven't made a post yet but I've read many of the Eldar threads/ALs. I apologize if these questions have been answered before but I haven't been able to find decent enough explainations to satisfy me. I also don't know if this should be in a Rules Forum or not because I am also looking for tactical feedback based on the outcome.

    In the Rulebook it says that "most" psychic powers take place in the Shooting Phase while others do not though it implies that these other powers usually not the "Major" kind used by Farseers. However, in the Eldar Codex 4th Ed. it seems pretty clear to me that the powers are used at the beginning (I would interpret this to mean before the movement phase)... and do NOT need LoS unlike the generic powers governed in the Rulebook.

    The problem comes in the form of my favored DireAvengers in a WS with the FS using Doom/Guide/Stone. I have been playing the powers the same turn I disembark in the Shooting Phase but the more I read and think about I'm coming to the conclusion that this is illegal.

    If it is, what does this mean for such a tactic as I have seen many FSs paired with DAs in WS is the AL forum. Personally I like to Bladestorm a unit I drop near then pop back into the WS during the reload and go on repeating this until they're killed or caught in CC. This would render having a FS worthless since there would rarely be a turn of the DA's being left outside unless they were already on their way to the Infinity Circuit in which case the FS would likely be as well. The points of doing this (120) doesn't seem worth it if I would never be using the powers.

    I would also like to clarify this in context with a lock in a transport since it says that their powers are "permanent.

    My other concern is that there seems to be an implication that to take warlocks a FS must be present in the List. I only see the options to take a lot of them as a squad WITH the FS or what seems to me to be the option to take one with certain units with no regard to the presence of a FS.


    1. FS using powers the same turn popping out of a trasport

    2. Warlocks w/out FS

    I would appreciate any feedback concerning the rules and the tactics I'm using but also if anyone has a solution given my tactics being illegal.

    *Edited for Clarification*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daev View Post
    1. FS using powers the same turn popping out of a trasport
    OK no - it is illegal, as oper codex, certain powers are at start of turn, whilst they can clearly guide the unit they are with, they can not doom a unit they can not see

    1. you can reverse this by putting the farseer on a bike and have him follow the serpent
    2. Dire avengers are not a good unit for the farser to accompany, they are not bad but really for both guide and doom you are looking to get lot of re-rolls, DA have above average on both scores, really for guide you need to pick a unit with a lot of shots and BS3 - you might think guardians but actually war walkers are probably better for this. Doom you need to be looking at a unit with a lot of hits but poor strength (3 again) so really you are talking banshees.

    2. Warlocks w/out FS
    this is a hang over from the last codex, when you could not take warlocks at all unless you had a farseer, with the new codex, you can take warlocks with other squads regardless of wheather you take a farseer or not, the only unit that requires a farseer (as far as warlocks go) is a faseer bodyguard
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