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    A new Tyranid army

    Hello guys, it's been quite a while since i last posted in the tyranid forum, probably mostly because i sold my tyranids a few months ago, and even before that i was too much into my dark eldar and necrons to have any time left for the tyranids.
    What i've come to decide during the last few weeks though, is that i'm going to slowly gather up a new tyranid army.

    A new army.

    My old tyranid army was a classical horde army with a few heavy shooters, like a sniperfex and 3 zoans. i had great success with them and won quite a lot of my games. the biggest problem was to move all those little buggers, there was simply too many of them.

    What i want to do with my new tyranid army is a little bit different. i'm going for the almost all out shooting style, with a few CC units thrown in for good measure.
    i'm basically looking at least 1 sniperfex, 1 dakkafex, ~6 shooty warriors, 3 zoans, 3 biovores, a shooty tyrant and somthing like 40 termagants. for CC i'm thinking about taking a broodlord accompanied by around 7-8 stealers. i'm also thinking about getting another unit of stealers to run up a flank.
    now, does armies like these really work out well? it would be a shame if i bought a whole new army and it won't win a game. i'm not really looking to get an über killer army, but it's always nice to be able to dish out a bit of pain.
    I could use some help deciding what to equip my MCs with, any help is more than welcome.

    What more do you think i should consider including in my army? i'm thinking about a few raveners with some shooty weapons, but i think they're a bit expensive. i'm also thinking about converting the hormagaunts to gargoyles, is that a wise thing to do? gargs are only 2 pts more expensive than the hormas but have shooting weapons and are the fastest unit in the tyranid army, i've always loved them but they're either way to expensive or take alot of converting work. i quite like converting though, so in the long run, converting might be a good idea.

    Quite naturally im thinking about buying a battleforce or two, that would give me the warriors and fexes i need, and also a lot of genestealers and termagants that i can use, and even some hormas to perhaps convert into gargs, if that a good idea.

    General tips
    As i haven't really played an army like this before, i would really like some general tips about playing a shooty nid army. What should i do and what should i not do?

    Finally, thanks for your time!

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    I'm relatively new to the horde, but one thing caught my attention. The part about converting hormies to gargoyles. Wouldn't it just be easier to convert some termagaunts since they already have the weapons, all you need is wings. I know this would cut into you pre-existing termagaunts, but it would just be much easier. Modeling opportunities is partly why I have started Nids, that and my love for horde armies(got IG, working on nids, then its on to the Orks).
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    I run a similar mixed army, i feel it works better than going all out nidzilla or swarms.

    From what youve described so far id say the force is pretty playable, however id make the following changes for myself. Firstly the Biovores, they are great on paper, and i really like the little critters, but in reality they just dont do enough to justify taking them. Sure they can pop a tank but you have to deal with random movement, scattering when firing and all the mines have to be fired together at 1 target (not so bad if you just take 1 biovore). When i started nids i bought 2 and ive played about 3 games with them total, they just arnt worth taking!

    Second, your hormagaunts. For 4 points less you cant have spine gaunts with the scuttlers biomorph. This makes them just as fast as hormagaunts and also they are about the same as hormies for killing the enemy. Id consider them, 40 hormies or 66 scuttleing spine gaunts!

    Next throw in at least 1 zoanthrope to keep up the synapse for these guys.

    Consider 2 sniperfex's. They are good against tanks, terminators, and grots!

    Warriors. Theres been alot of debates on here over them. Some swear by them, me, i hate them! They are expensive, and they die pretty quick. Taking 6 in 1 unit will increase their survival chances, but I just thibnk that for the points, an extra unit of stealers or an elite devil fex would be a better spend.

    Finally, youve got your broodlord, who is amazing once you get the hang of him! But consider giving your tyrant wings and scything talons to get up from fast and support him. Just imagine, your main force pushing forward, while your infiltrated broodlord and flyrant slam into the enemy's flank. They wont know what hit em!

    Oh yea, and the broodlord. Keep his retinue small, 5-7 is enough as any more and they will be hard to infiltrate. To make up for the small number of them, give them all scything talons.

    Hope that helps

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