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    Advice in designing army.

    After several months of lack of inspiration in the hobby and not wanting to get back into it I've finally come up with a concept that just might be good enough to get me back involved. I, however, may need some aid in unit selection but I have a theme and some basic fluff. This may require responders to be reasonably familiar with kroot merc units and abilities.

    It is going to be an eldar army that takes in kroot mercenaries quite heavily. The idea behind it is that their ideology is similar to that of biel tan, they want to rebuild the eldar empire etc... but they know they don't have the resources and manpower that biel tan does (or doesn't either) so they hire kroot to help them out with it, but the kroot have gradually become more than just mercenaries.

    You are allowed to take a kroot unit for every real troops choice you have from your host army. You are allowed one slot of anything except troops where you can have 2.

    [EDIT] Sorry, I forgot to add the target points level. It is anywhere between 1500 and 2000. I like 1850 or higher the best but around here 1750 is more common. 1750 is the ideal level. [/EDIT]

    The only eldar HQ will be a farseer who will have fortune and doom, and some wargear or another. Since the army concept was originally very, very low on anti tank (none at all pretty much) I was going to put him on a jetbike with a singing spear and give him a retinue of warlocks armed the same but I'm not sure anymore, I might just make the retinue smaller.

    The other HQ is going to be a shaper council (this was added after the jetbike+spear idea) They were all going to have evicerators, fleet, and one of them was going to give them the extra fleet dice (pick one) and the extra d6" for infiltrate... and a mastercrafted weapon. This would make a very potent anti tank squad as well as anti heavy infantry and such but wouldn't do anything against the monolith so the singing spears may still be needed. Another outfit for this squad could be with melta-guns and wings and such... I can also attach kroot hounds to the squad, 2 per shaper allowed. Thoughts on which way to take them, how many shapers etc? And would the jetbike warlocks still be needed?

    For elites, I'm not sure, I was going to include a bunch of scorpions but kroot also infiltrate and do well against hordes so partly fill this role, a unit of scorps would still be good but I'm not sure what else. I have lots of harlequins but they don't fit in with the theme that well... they are not ruled out though. I wanted to shy away from wave serpents and such since they cost so much money and take up so many valuable points, this makes fire dragons and howling banshees hardly worth taking. Wraithguard simply don't fit. I'm not ruling out wave serpents but they are a last resort.

    For troops, I want 2 carnivore squads. They would be quite large, with shapers and eviscerators. Because I have already included 1 HQ for kroot and 2 troops that means I need AT LEAST 3 eldar troops choices, and I can still add fast or heavy kroot meaning I could need 4 eldar troops choices.... I am thinking rangers and pathfinders since I have really ruled out the others already. Storm guardians would be stupid since kroot carnivores are so much better value, I don't like unskilled eldar either.... kroot are better than defenders too but it's mainly the guardians poor skills that eliminate them for me. Wraithguard are already right out. That leaves avengers and jetbikes. Avengers can work without a transport but are better with one... but I don't think this army would really need them, I might take a unit... I've pretty much already filled all 6 slots of troops so jetbikes won't fit but I have nothing against them with this army other than their price in $. This looks like either 4 ranger/pathfinder squads or 3 ranger/pathfinder squads and an avenger squad.

    Fast attack... This requires a whole bunch of hard choices. I like warp spiders, they fit in the fluff quite well but I may not have room for them and I won't really need much more horde control which is what they are best at. Hawks are out straight away because they don't fit in with my vision and they would be quite obsolete methinks... Kroot vulture kindred are a GREAT unit. Guaranteed first turn assault if needed, shaper... half the price of assault marines, wings... all that... so they should be definitely considered... Vyper would be helpful in getting some heavy firepower in there but they aren't needed. I'm leaning towards being fairly shining spears heavy because they are great at slaughtering space marines (and we all know how common they are) I figure if I take care of anti tank in HQ, kroot handle hordes (with some help I guess) and snipers are brilliant against toughness that some extra marine killing would be very helpful... then again... warp spiders...

    In heavies I am strongly considering reapers for the same reasons as spears but I only want to focus heavily on one of the units, so for example it's either warp spiders and reapers or spears and something else I could focus heavily on both which would benefit me against many players but I'm not keen on it. War walkers put down some awesome firepower and scout but wraithlord is also very powerful, It can take a hit and it is great at protecting static shooting units like rangers and reapers. Support weapons are out... I'd like to exclude grav tanks for the same reasons as excluding serpents but I wouldn't mind a prism... But one of the things which complicates this choice is the kroot again. They have the best value snipers in the game. The best bargain in the whole kroot arm is really the hunter kindred. For the same points as a guardian they are kroot with sniper rifles. It's hard to turn down this great unit but I've already resigned to using lots of rangers and this might be overdoing it a bit. What do you guys think on the matter? Would they fit it reasonably well?

    I haven't made any of these decisions yet but so far I am looking at something like this:

    Farseer on jetbike with spear, fortune and doom, maybe runes of warding....
    3 or 4 warlocks on bikes with spears...

    Shaper Council as described above. Unknown quantity of members since I can't calculate the points yet with so many unit choices being unsure...

    Elites: I'm not sure how many choices I can fit in due to points restrictions but either a unit of harlequins or a unit or 2 of units of striking scorpions wouldn't go amiss. Thoughts?

    Troops: 2 squads of... 16 kroot (to simplify it, that many comes in the box) including shapers. I might be able to scam more off a tau player to boost them to 20 strong.

    Troops: At least 2 reasonable squads of rangers... But the other 2 slots could either be rangers, avengers, jetbikes or a mix thereof. I'm thinking another ranger squad and some footslogging avengers...

    A problem with the avengers is that if I take scorpions, kroot, avengers and warp spiders, that is way too much anti horde... Either the scorps, avengers or spiders need to be cut.

    Fast: Entirely Unsure.

    Heavies: I'm thinking about full squads of reapers but that is almost 500 points straight away, a bit much. I like the wraithlord but also the hunter kindred.

    What unit selection can you guys help with. When I've had aid here I'll take it off to the kroot forum to get them to help me with the shaper council and such.

    This post was never intended to be this long but I have a habit of getting carried away. All apologies.

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    From memory, Kate (firedragon2, had an Alaitoc army that used Kroot,. although less expansively than this, I think ti sounded very fluffy, as well as the dieing race- lack of manpower thing, the whole stealth thing worked well with pathfinders and scorpions mate, may be worth chasing her on it
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