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Thread: New Eldar Army

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    New Eldar Army

    Hey everyone i've started up a small eldar army and before I get to far into it I wanted some advice/tips/ideas. I have a little over 600 points right now and the craftworld i choose to go with is Altansar ( I love all the possible fluff ) and some Ulthwe eldar that decided to follow Ra. It also seems logical to me that Ulthwe would be the most trusting and helpful to Altansar out of all the craftworlds. This is what I have so far

    Maugan Ra

    17 Guardians

    Fast attack:
    10 warp spiders ( 2 Exarchs for 2 seperate groups).

    The things that i thought would fit best in this army were:
    Dark Reapers
    Warp Spiders
    Dire Avengers?
    & Wraithguard.

    So far thats all i got so any input (army or fluff wise) would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    alright! First off I would advise getting yourself a farseer as you will not want to use MR in lower points games due to his high cost. The farseer can serve as an amazing support to your troops. He can use guide to help them hit their targets, doom to help them wound their targets, fortune to help them make their armor saves, mind war to eliminate squad leaders and special weapons troops, and eldritch storm to take care of swarms and spin vehicles. ( my favorite setup is Doom / mind war / spirit stones / optional bike )

    After this I suggest you experiment. Find units that you like using, units that you think are just amazing as far as looks and fluff are concerned. ( I am a sucker for Harlies, scorpions, and spiders myself)

    Also, as far as your fluff is concerned do not overlook Harlequins, they roam the webway and have been known to help everyone ( Including the Dark Eldar ).

    For a nice description of the effectiveness of units look here: (New Eldar Tactica)

    Kudos to Heiromyo for the great tactica!

    I survived LO Chat thanks to: Karmoon, Rabbit, Process, Tossy and Meish.

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    Hail the new Eldar Captain !!!

    Just a few tips, limited since I assume you want first to focus on a small sized army :

    HQ :

    A Farseer is a must. Enough said already...

    Consider an Autarch, with a Warp Jump Pack and a Fusion Gun : he can go with your Spiders do some tank busting on the enemy rear line...

    Troops :

    You need a second troop : I recommend the Dire Avengers. I only have very limited experience with them, but from what I read they are a very reliable and reasonably versatile choice (very good at shooting, good in defensive hth).

    Elites :

    Harlequins ! They are really interesting from a gaming point of view : they move fast even across cover, have good protection from long-ranged weapons (Veil of Tears), and are truly amazing in hand to hand (high initiative, large number of attacks, rending, disengagement...) And then from an esthetic and fluff point of view, I think they're great too !!

    Wraithguards are a strong resilient core, with a Warlock.

    Fast Attack :

    OK, Spiders, you've got. See Autarch, to dramatically boost their tank-busting ability !

    Heavy Support :

    Please consider Wraithlords, to have some ranged anti-tank capability (Bright Lance, Missile Launchers). You will need a Farseer and/or Warlock somewhere close to them, though.

    You may also fit the DR Exarch with a Missile Launcher, maybe that would suit more to your fluff, but I have to warn you, that's not as effective, game-wise...

    I see you do not consider vehicles, so I won't bother you with that...

    Best of luck to you !
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