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Thread: Lictor strat

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    Lictor strat

    Hey, been playing nids for like 2-3 years now, love them!

    Here is a nasty tactic i love to use when playing people.

    If you have a lictor or 2 or 3, and if you aren't using them in your current list. Screw with your oppenents head!! Place your lictor/s on the top of your stuff or some place that the player can easily see them, make sure he notices you pulling them out and putting them there. Also see if you can add more terrian, if your playing against a player who knows lictors. He's gonna be kinda worried about the lictors and might think twice before hiding that all important unit behind the terrain. All it takes is for that one moment of doubt and matters just might tip in your favor.

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    Happy hunting.

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    Don't mean to sound nasty but, I think someone's beat you to it on the lictor advice front :/

    Ozeor, you should really check out the forums and all the stickies before posting something like this.

    We are already inundated with several complete and comprehensive Lictor Tacitas: (Tyranid Tactica)

    Right there . If you have something which adds to it, then by all means contact the original poster and discuss it with him

    Just for the record though. I agree with you. Lictors are a brilliant unit in every way. The model, the way it looks, the way it plays, the fluff.. all cool.
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