Needed changes for Sluggaboyz,shoota boyz,warboss, and new HQ choices - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Needed changes for Sluggaboyz,shoota boyz,warboss, and new HQ choices

    Hey Y'all

    I'm not here to rant and rave about when the codex will be coming out. I've already been over that thread. Mainly, I just want to hear some veterans opinions about how the core choices for Orks should be rehauled. Notice I did not state updated.

    Please note the following are just my novice ideas

    First, points cost for slugga boyz should change to that of a basic guardsmen. Fluff wise, this is a no brainer.

    Secondly, strength for all Orks should be the same as a space marine. Again, fluff-wise this is a no brainer. However, I do believe that the negative armor modification should discarded or greatly reduced to something like only when you roll 6's on wounding.

    Third. You might hate this but I think their WS should be the same as a guardsmen. However, only when they are being charged.

    Lastly, The waagh charge should be more randomized and Orky. Keep the Ld and I boost. But throw in a WS of a Space marine while on the charge. When a waagh is successfully rolled. You should be able to have a sort of "randomized" roll when the warboss is attached, something like:

    1 nothing happens

    2-3 ----- something, give me an idea
    4-5 ----- something, give me an idea

    6 feel no pain

    As for shoota boyz, I feel they need a change. I'm just not sure where. Or if they need a really big change. I would certainly like to hear your opinions on them.

    Might as well give me some ideas for an updated warboss or even some kind of warboss underling for games of 500 points and below.

    Also, just to throw this out there. Do you think a "black gretcin" would be a cool idea for a new HQ choice. Fluff-wise this can make sense. Seeing as how this abused slave race be developed. Of course this is not fantasy. But let me hear your ideas.

    So share some ideas for possible "updates" or overhauls to:

    slugga boyz

    shoota boyz

    Warboss: or even a "warboss in training" (pretty much, less point for a WB in 500 pt games)

    Interesting HQ choices (example: black grot meaning devious yet wickedly clever grot)

    Please share

    Dra' Havok

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    Mmmm, no. I don't really agree with most of what you said. Or at least, you haven't convinced me yet. Fluff does not rule 40k. Thats why we call it fluff. The str 3 ork is scaling: sluggas are 4, skars and nobz are 4, the warboss is 5. Now I'm not averse to a str 6 boss, but a basic str 4 is not as vital to me as it is to many, as fluffy as it is.

    You don't really explain WHY you think base WS should be 3, we shouldn't have heavy CC weapons, or POW should be more random. If str 3 is unfluffy, then WS 3 is even more so. Orks are supposed to be fighters, real CC terrors. But a WS 3, str 4 unit is not what I consider a CC danger, while an ork that gets 4 attacks on the charge and knows what to do with that choppa does. And that choppa is what lets us compete with marine strength, toughness, initiative and armor in CC. Why would we give that up? Without it we'd be little better than IG with our str 3 and their 3+ saves. And IG don't beat SM in CC most of the time.

    Reducing ork cost by 1/3 sounds pretty unbalancing. Orks are already a great horde army, compounded by their massive numbers of attacks. Having 33% more orks would be nice, but I think it'd be too much.

    What would I like to see? Most of it is wish-list and just as unbalancing as your changes, but I know two that are less so. First is bringing back some of the old tanks. Or just having a real tank, something with a really and effective gun. Battlewagons just don't cut it, and are used as transports more than tanks. The other thing is the warboss. First, yes I'd like to see scaled warbosses, though I wouldn't call it warboss-in-training. There is no such thing, there are just bigger and smaller warbosses. The lowest scale would be little more than a nob, maybe better I and Ld or another attack. Also, I'd like to see something of the trait system implemented for warbosses. The boss was a kommando before he took over the mob? Fine, he's still stealthy. He was a stormboy? Well, he still uses a jetpack, and so does his retinue. Also, I'd like painbosses and bigmeks to be meaner, but I'm not sure how.

    And a gretchin HQ in an ork army wouldn't happen. No Ork would ever follow a grot. Heck, its an insult to call another boy a grot, it implies puniness and weakness. If you want to do a grot army, play an IG infantry army and use grots. Or, if you want to do orks, make the Boss a mechanical monster piloted by a grot. A grot army is a fun idea, but I've always thought it was a bit dumb.
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