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Thread: cool idea

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    cool idea

    feel free to move this to conversions or wherever.

    I recently bought the destroyer lord set and it comes with enouh peices to make a destroyer's upper body, a lord's upper body, and the skimmer lower body. so, i was thinking i could fully assemble both bodys and the destroyer craft and aquire a spare set of necron legs, so i would be able to swap the lord's body with legs or a destroyer body (using blu-tac or a similar substance) at will, and when he's on his legs, i could make a destroyer out of the destroyer part.

    Spreading the love,


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    Blu-tac is usually pretty awful for holding models together- it never survives a game.
    I'd suggest at least pinning the parts (gluing the pin into only 1 hole) and maybe adding a tiny amount of blu-tac to stop the swivelling which may then occur. Make sure to use a decently sized pin.

    If you're confident with small detail work rare earth magnets would be even better- they can come as small as 3mm diameter (maybe even smaller, though I haven't heard of any) and should easily be strong enough for this. A mix of greenstuff and araldite (or superglue) is needed to keep the magnets from pulling free of your models, though.

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    Hey Dok! Welcome to LO!

    Admittedly, the Destroyer Lord's body looks a bit large, and/or funny on a normal Warriors set of legs...

    That being said- I used to use the Destroyer body as both Lord and normal Destroyer, with a hint of yellowtac. Never had any problems with it. Just assemble both top halves of each, use as you like

    Great Idea though. You'll probably get tired of it and buy more in the future, but it works wonders when you can't buy the model now
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    You need more Mordians?
    They still exist?

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