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The Big Game III – Moscow Edition

Max of Darog’s Company and his 40K crew in Russia did what no other country outside of the US has done, they had games in five different cities for The Big Game III. From Max: We are waiting for reports from the battlefields of Murmansk and Ryazan! Total: 147 400 point Order vs. Disorder: 19-32 Moscow Total: 42 400 point Order vs. Disorder: 4-12Landsknecht club, main location Imperium vs Chaos – 18 000 per side, 36 000 total Result: 2-8 Photos! Hobby Games club Imperium vs. Xenos, 3200 per side, 6400 total. Result: 4 – 2 Photos! St. Petersburg Total: 72 000 point Order vs. Disorder: 11-16 Enclave club, main location Imperium vs.

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The Big Game III – Moscow Edition

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