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New Tau Codex Unit Reviews – Flyers (Sunshark and Razorshark)

This will be the first in a series of posts looking at the units in the new Tau codex. I’m starting off with a double talking about both of the flyers. The reason being that I’ve had three games with the new codex today against various opponents and it’s made me think about what the two different Tau flyer variants have to offer. Now I’m sure, like me, at first glance the fighter seems like the obvious choice right? Well I’m leaning toward the bomber actually so maybe I can convince you as well. First off, the two flyers are both 11/10/10 in terms of armour and are both BS3. These facts alone mean that neither of them are particularly brilliant when compared to some of the other flyers out there but nethertheless they’re our only choice if we want a flyer but don’t want allies. Remember some armies will still struggle even if they have a quad gun.

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New Tau Codex Unit Reviews – Flyers (Sunshark and Razorshark)

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